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What are Frenchie Dogs?

Black and white French Bulldog isolated on a white background.

They are very family-oriented dogs. One of the appealing characteristics this dog breed comes with is that it makes a great family pet. They generally attach well to their families and love to play with the children in the home.

Frenchie is probably the slang term for French Bulldog as the two names apply to the same dog breed. It is a long story about how the Frenchie came to be as some controversy exists around its origin.

Regardless of which country it started in, this is a good dog to have if you can afford it. They are loyal and they do not need a lot of exercise to stay healthy.

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Is a Frenchie the same as a French Bulldog?

In one word, the answer is ‘yes’. The Frenchie term is the shortened form for French Bulldog. As you know, many people love to shorten long words down so they are easy to pronounce.

While the name is easy to explain, the origin of the French Bulldog is not. It is a well-known fact that this dog breed is a smaller version of the English Bulldog.

Plus, it is known that the breeding of this dog breed began in England. The legend goes that the English Bulldog was bred down in size and the smaller version was brought to France and developed further in that country.

Since there were many English Bulldogs being bred into a toy size, it is thought that some of the workers that went to France, took these toy dogs with them and started the French Bulldog breed.

This was all done several hundred years ago so the exact details may not be fully known. The AKC organization finally recognized this as an official dog breed in 1898 after becoming popular in America in the late 1800s.

It has been a member of the top 10 dog breeds in 3 different countries.

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What are Frenchies known for?

Brown French Bulldog laying on the floor in front of a grey couch

Some of their personality traits that make this dog breed stand out include being very affectionate, friendly, pet friendly as well as child friendly. They are not supposed to bark a lot but may do so on occasion.

While their need for exercise is low, they do love to play. They will get a lot of their exercise needs met during their playtime with the family. They will shed as well so be prepared for some clean-up duties.

Their smooth coat will shed from time to time but regular grooming should take care of the many loose hairs this dog breed has. Then, because they are a flat-face dog breed, they suffer from the same breathing issues as the pug and English Bulldog.

Surgery to correct this problem can be very expensive which is why many owners do not elect to have this procedure. This dog breed can be stubborn making training a bit on the difficult side. But with proper handling, socializing, etc., you should be able to train your Frenchie fairly quickly.

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Some facts you should know about the Frenchie

Brown French Bulldog being held in human hands
  1. While small dogs, their jaws can be very powerful. This makes for a great game of tug of war but not so fun when they bite.
  2. They tend to snore when they are asleep. Just make sure to get to sleep before they do.
  3. They are a brachycephalic breed which means that they have a low tolerance for heat, humidity, as well as exercise.
  4. They can be very stubborn which makes training difficult. However, if you turn the training into a game, you should get full participation from your Frenchie
  5. Despite being stubborn, this dog breed is eager to please. This may help in training and other activities.
  6. The ideal companion dog breed. The Frenchie is very loyal and loves his or her family. It doesn’t matter the family size, this dog breed loves whoever takes care of him.
  7. The Frenchie can adapt- no matter where you live, a small apartment, or a country estate, this dog breed will adapt to all living situations. Plus, they are content with daily walks.
  8. He is a watchdog, not a guard dog. His claim to fame here is to bark to let you know someone is at the door or around your home. But once that duty is done, he may help the burglar remove some of your items.

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Some final words

Black and white French Bulldog laying on a white breadspread

It does not really matter which country the Frenchie came from. The most important factor is that it is here and it is a great dog breed to have as a pet. When you want a loyal companion, you may find this dog breed to be perfect for your lifestyle.

The key to owning a Frenchie is to make sure you have the budget for one. They are not cheap dogs to own.

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