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Do Frenchie Dogs Shed?

Black French Bulldog laying on a grey couch

Frechies do shed throughout the year, yes. French Bulldogs slough all year long. The difference is that there is considerable shedding in the summer and winter. Age and food are other elements that might affect a Frenchie’s shedding. But, shedding is often something you can anticipate. Keep reading to know more about how much Frenchie dogs shed and learn whether these pups are hypoallergenic or not.

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Are Frenchies Hypoallergenic?

Although they have short hair, Frenchies nevertheless experience some hair loss. They significantly shed their fur at least twice every year. They often shed their undercoat in the late spring and late fall. Also, they lose more hair when they live in unclean settings or consume inadequate amounts of vitamins. Inflammation of the skin is a frequent skin condition in French Bulldogs because of the folds of their skin. They also have delicate skin which is prone to irritation.

Like certain dog breeds, Frenchies have a small quantity of hair shed. But there are times of the year when they shed a lot, which might make allergies worse. Because of their short, coarse hair, French Bulldogs are more likely to have dander get tangled in it. Also, they may readily disseminate hair loaded with allergens that can trigger allergic responses in others because they want to capture attention whenever they can.

Do French Bulldogs Shed or Drool?

Tan and black French Bulldog laying on a rug in front of a couch

Yes, French Bulldogs shed. The truth is that all dogs, especially those branded hypoallergenic, shed to some level, even if the shedding is little. All breeds, at the very least, lose their old or damaged hair. French Bulldogs drool in addition to shedding. Not only is this annoying for someone who is finicky, but drool is also a powerful allergen.

The French Bulldog sheds very little, and they usually lose their undercoat twice a year. Frenchies, like other dogs, lose their undercoat in the summer to avoid overheating. To remain warm in the winter, they lose their summer undercoats and grow thicker coats.

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How to Control Shedding in Frenchies?

White and black Frenchie laying on a purple couch

First, you must understand that you cannot halt any dog’s natural shedding process, especially French bulldogs. You may reduce Frenchie’s shedding intensity in various ways, but you cannot – and should not halt this natural process. The following are some methods for controlling shedding in your Frenchie.

Feed Balanced Diet

Whether you buy your dog food or prepare it yourself, your pup requires a balanced, species-appropriate diet to keep healthy inside and out. Fatty acids, like omega-3 and omega-6, are necessary for a healthy coat and can help minimize shedding. Your Frenchie also needs to be hydrated, which is vital for healthy skin and coat.

A dog diet should include high-quality protein, muscular meat, not fragments or portions, A moderate amount of animal fat, Elevated EPA and DHA levels (omega-3), a few fresh chopped vegetables (to simulate the contents of the prey’s stomach), There will be no grains, potatoes or other carbohydrates.

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Ensure Proper Water Intake

Brindle French Bulldog outdoors drinking water from a metal bowl

Many owners are unaware that water is essential for their pups. Canines should drink one ounce of water per pound of body weight every day. If your Frenchie weighs 20 pounds, it should consume 20 ounces (or 2.5 cups) of water every day. Dehydrated skin is the main contributor to hair loss and can increase the amount of loose dog hair in your home. You’re having difficulty persuading your dog to drink enough water.

Provide Regular Brushing

Brush your Frenchie once a week to remove extra dead hair from their coat. Once a week, use a rubber brush to groom a short-haired dog, such as a Frenchie. It fits in your palm and allows you to brush your dog in the same way you would pet him. Furthermore, dogs enjoy it since it feels more like a massage than a grooming session.

Grooming your dog can also help you keep an eye out for parasites such as fleas, lice, mites, and ticks, which may cause skin problems and more serious concerns.

Offer a Stress-Free Environment

Tan French Bulldog tucked into a human bed

Excessive shedding in dogs can be caused by high-stress levels. If your French Bulldog is shedding more than normal, he might be stressed. Some several changes and situations might be stressful. Make sure your dog has a peaceful space to relax.

Give a plush dog toy, such as Smart Pet Love’s Cuddle Puppy Toy. Turn on the radio and select a nonstop classical music channel; it has been discovered that dogs enjoy it. You may also play some calming music for dogs, which has been shown to reduce anxiety in our canine pals. The lavender essential oil has also been shown to alleviate tension in dogs. Put two drops on your pug’s collar or bedding.

Schedule Regular Bathing

Bathing your French Bulldog may not always help with shedding. Bathing your dog too frequently, on the other hand, might create skin irritation. As a general rule, dogs should only be bathed when they become unclean or begin to stink. Natural oils are required in their fur to maintain their coats and skin healthy, and regular bathing removes these oils from their skin.

Try a Skin-Friendly Shampoo

French Bulldog being shampooed

Selecting the appropriate shampoo is particularly vital because Frenchies have dry skin. There are several alternatives designed specifically for dry skin. Avoid shampoo with harmful ingredients such as D-trans Allethrin, Resmethrin, Pyriproxyfen, and S-Methoprene, regardless of whose shampoo you use. You should also avoid shampoos containing oats since certain dogs (particularly Frenchies and Boston Terriers) are allergic to cereals.

Use Supplements

Together with a healthy diet, fish oil pills that include these components can help you drop pounds. Fish oil not only benefits the skin and coat, but it also helps to maintain healthy joints and bones.

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