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What Are Good Husky Names?

Husky Puppy laying on a blue blanket on a blue background

Finding The Right Name

It is going to be something you say out loud and in public a lot, so picking some insulting, erotic, or puppy name is not going to work. You will want a name that will reflect the personality and characteristics of your pet as well as sound strong.

Here are some male and female names that should fit your husky for life.

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Top Male Names

portrait of 3 husky puppies laying outdoors in grass


This is a great name for the dog that likes to escape from its enclosure. This is more of a male name than a female one, and it describes your pet to a T when they are great escape artists.


A perfect name for the Samoyed husky. They are usually all white, like the fictional and fabled snow monster. The name reflects strength, power as well as mystique.


Identify your dog who likes to be mischievous and gets into all sorts of trouble. This name does not mean your dog is evil or likes to hurt people. Your pet just likes to have some fun.


You can give your pet this name in honor of the famous Alaskan sled dog Balto. You can do this when you think it will live up to the reputation of that great sled dog.


This word means night and is a nice name for any dark-colored husky. Their fur can get as black as night in many places.


It is another fictional character that is said to arise from the dead every thousand years. You can give your dog this name as it recovers from illness after illness over and over.

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Top Female Names

Outdoor portrait of a white Siberian husky puppy


Name your pet after that fictional female heroine who saves the day. Your dog can always save the day, even when it is just listening to your problems.


This is an Inuit word meaning boss. If your pet is a typical female, she will want to run things and make sure you do what she wants. Or she will argue till she gets her way.


A good name for a dog breed that was bred for the cold weather. If you live in a cold region of the country, your dog will be right at home and enjoy the snow.


This term is from astronomy and means a brightening star. That is a perfect name for a dog that will brighten your life and make coming home more joyful.


A nice word that means morning star. Your new puppy can be as bright as the morning star, and make sure you get up on the right side of the bed.


A good name that means helper of mankind. No matter what you do, and even if you do not own a dog sled, your new husky can be a helper to you. You just have to give it a chance to help you when you need it.

Fun Facts About Huskies

Siberian Husky on a pink background

There are different things you may not know about your new pet. Here are some nice facts that should help you appreciate your dog more.

1. They are bred to live in the cold – There are three traits this dog breed has that make them ideal for cold weather. #1. they come with a double coat to keep them warm; #2. their almond-shaped eyes allow them to squint and still see when the snow is blowing; and #3. they can curl up small enough so that their tails will cover their nose and face. This protects those body parts from the cold temperatures.

2. The army used them during WW2 to transport supplies, and communications and as search and rescue dogs

3. They come in different colored coats as well as different colored eyes

4. Their noses can turn pink in the winter but return to a normal color when summer approaches

5. This dog breed is very intelligent, yet their mischievous side can undermine that characteristic

In other words, huskies are a very unique dog breed that helps mankind in many different situations. But their sense of duty does not stop them from having some fun from time to time.

Some Final Words

Siberian husky with its tongue stuck out on a grey background

While you may want to be creative and innovative with your dog’s name, it may not always work out well for both of you. Save your creativity for a better purpose and give your pet a good strong name they and you can be proud to say out loud and in public.

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