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What Is a Mini Husky?

Mini husky standing on a stump

If you watched the Austin Powers movies, in those movies, there was a character called mini-me. This was a little person who looked exactly like bigger average-sized humans. That is the exact same scenario with the mini husky.

These little dogs are carbon copies of the larger Siberian husky, and one of their differences is their size. Another difference will be the number of mini huskies there are.

While not as few as the Chinook dog, the mini husky is a limited dog breed and does not have the numbers the Siberian husky has. This limited number puts them in a very high price range costing owners between $900 and $2500 depending on the heritage, breeder, and so on.

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What Is an Agouti Husky

This is not a different breed of husky. While it is listed as a different type, it is not because it is a variation of any of the legitimate types of huskies. The agouti is a name of a particular color pattern or color.

While it appears in different animals, it is rare to find among huskies. The agouti husky is actually a Siberian husky but has the opposite coloring of its siblings and normal Siberian huskies.

What this all means is that while the Siberian husky is normally white, gray, and other light colors, the agouti Siberian husky will be dark brown and closer to black in coloring.

You are not getting a different husky breed, but one with rare coloring that makes it unique. These huskies will have all the same characteristics that the regular or normal Siberian husky is born with. They will just look more wolf-like than other huskies will.

What Is an Alaskan Husky

husky running in snow

This is not a specific husky dog breed, either. It is more of a mixed breed of dog that is bred for sled racing. They are supposed to be faster and taller than the Siberian husky, and that is due to the many dogs they are bred from.

How this dog is defined is that any dog that is bred from multiple breeds for the specific purpose of making them faster and giving them more endurance is called an Alaskan husky.

This dog label is applied to those dogs bred from the following dog breeds:

  • Siberian Husky
  • Eskimo dog
  • Alaskan Malamute
  • Border Collie
  • German Shepherd
  • German Shorthaired Pointer
  • Taimyr
  • Laika
  • Greyhound
  • Inuit Husky

They can be beautifully looking dogs with blue eyes or other eye colors, depending on their breeding. Plus, they are supposed to be very fast. It is doubtful that you will find them registered with any official dog breeding organizations.

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What Is a Wooly Husky

pair of Siberian husky pulling a sled

This husky variation is not a distinct dog breed. Instead, it is a direct descendant of the original Siberian husky breed. Its distinguishing feature is its long wooly coat, hence the name wooly husky.

Their large size makes them ideal for the following activities:

  • Sledding
  • Dogsledding
  • racing, carting
  • weight pulling
  • Skijoring
  • loyal family pets

This dog’s original home was northeastern Asia, and they were bred by the Chukchi people of that region. In 1909 they were brought to Alaska, and from there, they were able to become popular and found homes throughout the lower 48 states of America.

Like other huskies, they are great work dogs and remain loyal to their families despite their thick coats.

The Azurian husky

Siberian husky laying in grass

This husky variation is mentioned here, as many people may get fooled by someone claiming to own this dog. It is supposed to be white with a blue-tinged fringe around its body.

It is probably rarer than the Chinook dog, and it is supposed to be a great sled dog. That is, if this dog really exists. One was supposed to have made its appearance in 2014, and that appearance was on Pinterest.

Most husky owners and experts consider this dog to be a hoax or a joke and not a real husky. No one knows anyone who owns this type of husky either which adds support to the hoax theory.

Plus, there is very little information about this dog variation adding more fuel for the hoax theory or joke.

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Some Final Words

Team of sled dogs pulling a sled in snow

When you get a husky as a pet, you are getting a very unique dog. Their independence may cause you some frustration, but in the end, they are very loyal dogs that are ideal for the outdoor type family.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to husky dog variations. There are some interesting mixes like the following

    Pomsky (Pomeranian Husky mix)

    Huskita (Husky Akita mix)

    Alusky (Alaskan Malamute Husky mix)

    Pitsky (Husky Pitbull Terrier mix)

    Ausky (Husky Australian Cattle Dog mix)

    Siberian Boston (Boston Terrier Husky mix)

    Chusky (Husky Chow Chow mix)

    Dusky (Dachshund Husky mix)

    Hug (Husky Pug mix)

    Shepsky (German Shepherd Husky mix)

    Utonagan (Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd Husky mix)

    Mackenzie River Husky (Newfoundland St. Bernard Pitbull Husky mix)

    Eurohound (Alaskan Husky English/German Pointer mix)

If you want to be unique, the husky dog breed and its variations may be for you.

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