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What To Know About Husky Puppies

Close up portrait of a Siberian husky puppy

They need attention. That is one of the major traits of owning a husky, even a puppy. They crave attention and like to get it as often as possible. To help keep your husky on track to good mental health, they need early socialization.

If you have to work, it is best that you have a second dog around the house, so your husky pup does not get lonely or start having issues. Or if you can’t afford another dog, then doggy daycare is an option.

Husky puppies are like other puppies, but they may be needier than other dog breeds. You feed them right, give them plenty of exercise, and they should grow up big and strong, as well as healthy animals.

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What Should I Do When I First Get a Husky Puppy?

The first thing you need to do, after about the first day or two, is to start their training. Huskies are like other dog breeds, they must be taught what to do in the house, and they need to be taught commands.

The second thing, or possibly the first, you should prepare a healthy diet for your new pet. You need to decide what you are going to feed him or her and make sure your dog gets all the nutrition it needs.

The third thing is to schedule your vet visits. If your puppy hasn’t already had their shots, then you need to get those done right away. Schedule a vet visit to get on track with those important vaccinations.

Also, you can have your pet examined to make sure it is a healthy and robust puppy. During all of this, you should be getting in the habit of grooming your puppy once a week.

Huskies are double-coat dogs, and they need to have their fur brushed to make sure they do not leave it everywhere around your home.

What Does a Husky Puppy Need?

3 husky puppies asleep in a basket

One of the things your new puppy will need will be socialization. Your new puppy will have better mental health if it can be around other members of your family or other dogs.

It is not good to leave them alone all day. Also, you should watch their toenails. Those need to be trimmed on a regular basis. If they are not, then your new puppy can develop foot problems. Not to mention you should watch out for juvenile cataracts.

One thing they will not need will be baths. The husky fur is said to be self-cleaning, so you do not have to spend a lot of time giving them baths. Maybe 4 to 5 baths each year should do it, but you do need to rake out their undercoat to get rid of loose fur, even when they are puppies.

Then, your puppy should have a secure place to run around in. I should be secure as huskies are great escape artists and love to dig. You will want to protect against those traits as best as you can.

But don’t expect your husky to be a guard dog. It isn’t in their blood to guard things.

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Are Husky Puppies Hard To Train?

Portrait of a husky puppy outdoors

Training methods are up to you, and there is a variety of them you can use. Most husky owners either crate-train their dogs or use pee pads to do potty training.

Huskies are said to be easy to train, but you need to be a strong leader to get your husky to follow you. The good news is that this dog breed is very smart, and they learn quickly.

When it comes to teething time, make sure you have alternative toys to give your dog something to chew on. Let them know that your shoes, etc., are not for their important teething process.

Whenever you can, make sure to use positive reinforcement. Rewards and praise should work wonders in getting your puppy to fall in line and do what it is told to do.

Make sure you start their training at a very young age. Then teach them simple commands to master first. They will get old enough for more complicated commands soon enough.

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Some Final Words

Siberian Husky puppy laying on a log

Huskies are a very intelligent dog breed, but they like to be part of a pack. Being single is not the best situation for your new dog. It is not impossible, just not the best. Your dog loves company.

Also, they can adapt to city life quite well; just make sure they get plenty of exercise each day. They love to run, so an off-leash area may be the best option for them.

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