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Seasonal Shedding Dog Breeds

Group of dogs sitting shoulder to shoulder outdoors

All dogs will shed.

At least at some point during the year. Seasonal shedders usually have a summer coat and grow a winter coat. Then you will see lots of hair falling off your pet during the spring and fall.

Some seasonal shedding dog breeds are- Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, and Siberian Husky. There are more dog breeds that shed twice a year and they will be listed.

You may see your pet shedding throughout the year, but the heaviest times are the spring and fall and a lot of dog breeds fall into the seasonal shredder category.

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List Of Dog Breeds with The Most Seasonal Shedding

The following list contains seasonal shedders, but some of these dogs only shed heaviest during the spring and fall seasons. You may see their lo0se fur throughout the year as well.

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute outdoors sitting in tall, dead grass and weeds

This is a double-coat dog breed that can shed a lot of fur over the course of the year. Their heaviest times are in the Spring and Fall seasons.

Dogs will lose their fur when it gets old or broken which means that you may see fur all year long with many dog breeds including this one.

Siberian Husky

portrait of a Siberian Husky laying outdoors

Just like the Malamute, this dog breed is a double-coat dog. That means you will always see loose fur on your pet. They need regular brushing to keep that loose fur from spreading around your home.

Their heaviest shedding time is Spring and Fall.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd sitting in grass

Great guard dogs, great family pets but do they ever shed? Their heaviest time is also in the Spring and Fall which can make a mess in your home.

This dog breed needs regular brushing to keep that shedding under control. Shedding is a minor drawback.

Golden Retriever

Close up portrait of a Golden Retriever outdoors

A beautiful dog and a very family-friendly pet. Their double coat makes sure your home sees lots of furs scattered around the home during those Spring and Fall months.

Their personalities make up for the mess as they are great dogs to have as a pet.


Portrait of an Akita outdoors in grass with trees and hedges in the background.

While a larger dog breed, this is an indoor dog and not an outdoor one. Even if you do not like their shedding, they belong inside the house. Since they belong to the double coat club, they are expert seasonal shedders.

Look to clean up after them in both the Spring and the Fall.


Chow outdoors standing in grass and dandilions

Some people mistake this wonderful dog to be a bear. They get that much fur on them during the year. Their fur grows nice and thick which means they will lose a lot of fur at the wrong time.

Expect to see a lot of loose fur on your carpets during the Spring and Fall seasons.

Great Pyrenees

close up portrait of a Great Pyrenees

What is worse than a shedding dog? One that drools at the same time. This dog’s drooling can make that loose fur harder to clean up. The Great Pyrenees are both great droolers and shedders.

While it is not a terrific pet combination, they are still wonderful dogs. Spring and Fall are the worst times of the year for you.

St. Bernard

2 St. Bernards - one adult one puppy- standing outdoors in grass under trees

This is a dog breed that does not like the heat. They do grow a lot of fur as they do like to stay warm in cold weather. That means you will find loose hair everywhere during the Spring and Fall seasons.

If you keep them cool, they drool a lot less as well.

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American Eskimo

Close up head and shoulders portrait of an American Eskimo dog outdoors

Given their name, they need a lot of fur to stay warm in those colder climates. Then when they shed, they shed a lot, especially after the winter and summer seasons are over.

This is one dog breed that really needs a top grooming schedule.

Labrador Retriever

Chocolate Labrador Retriever laying outdoors in grass

The world’s most popular dog does not lose any fan favorite points just because it sheds. They have overcome that drawback by being some of the best family-friendly dogs ever.

Their heaviest shedding times are during the Spring and Fall months, although you will see loose hair throughout the year.

Some Final Words

This is not a complete list of dogs that shed seasonally. Most dog breeds will shed and you will see it throughout the year with the heaviest time in the Spring and Fall shedding seasons.

It is a fact of life and for the most part a natural process. Just make sure to have the right tool on hand to clean up that loose fur.

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