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What is the Shedding Season for Dogs?

Border collie laying on a couch surrounded by shedded dog hair.

Shedding is a normal process. Some dogs shed more than others and the amount they do shed their fur depends on several factors. Also, while there is a specific shedding season, not all dogs shed at the same time or as heavy as other dogs might.

All shedding does is help your dog get rid of old or damaged fur. Indoor dogs will not shed as heavily as outdoor dogs will. Since dog fur grows in cycles, when they shed will depend upon the dog breed your pet belongs to.

But in general, look at summer to fall and winter to spring to be the times when your dog sheds.

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How Long Does Seasonal Dog Shedding Last?

The actual length of shedding season depends on the type of dog you own. If it is a Labrador, you can expect year-long shedding to take place. That is the same for certain other dog breeds.

However, not all dog breeds shed all year long. They are called seasonal dog shedders and their shedding season depends on the time of year. For example, many dog breeds shed their summer coat starting somewhere near the end of that season and ending sometime in the fall.

Then those same dog breeds, after growing their winter coat, start shedding that somewhere at the end of winter and going into spring. Since each dog is different no specific dates can be given.

At each shedding season, you can expect it to last between 2 to 4 weeks. Again, each dog will be different and yours could last longer than a friend’s shedding season. But the worst is over after a month so you can relax after that time.

Some dogs may go on a little longer as well. It all depends on the dog, its health, and so on.

What Triggers Seasonal Shedding in Dogs?

The back of a tan dog and a human hand holding a handful of shedded dog hair

The only real trigger that gets a dog to shed is nature. This is a natural process and healthy dogs shed all the time. The thing to remember is that you can’t stop the shedding from taking place.

Since it is a natural process, you can only do things to help control it not stop it. Besides nature, the following factors influence your dog’s shedding:

  • Including day length
  • Environmental temperature
  • Health status
  • Animal breed
  • If they are an indoor dog or not

Also, shedding is lighter in fall as the summer coat is not as heavy as the winter one. Unless they have a very thick coat, then they may shed a little heavier but generally, the winter coat shedding is the worst.

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How To Control Your Dog’s Shedding

White westie on the floor next to a broom and a pile of dog hair

Since it is impossible to stop shedding from taking place, you can at least control it as well as control where their hair goes. There are different tips and tricks you can use to make sure your home does not look like a barber shop before it has been cleaned up.

Here are some of those tips to use to control your dog’s shedding:

Use A Brush

Golden retriever laying on its side on a rug being brushed

You will want to use a brush that is designed for the length of your dog’s coat. As you brush, check your dog for hypothyroidism, follicular dysplasia, allergies, and so on. These ailments can cause shedding as well.

Use A Glove

There are specially made gloves that are designed to replace the brush and pick up all that loose dog hair. These gloves can imitate petting your dog so they may stand still for the extra-loving treatment.

Use Coconut Oil

Jar of coconut oil and half a coconut isolated on a white background.

It has been proven that if you feed your pet this oil, his or her shedding will reduce. There is an ingredient in coconut oil that helps build a healthy dog coat. Feeding your dog 1 tablespoon mixed in food or sprayed over their coat will help cut down on the loss of hair.

Wash Your Dog More Often

During shedding season, you should bathe your dog more frequently. Use a de-shedding shampoo to help control the fallout. Comb your dog first before bathing him or her. That will make it easier to get rid of tangles, etc.

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Make Sure Your Dog Eats a Healthy Meal

Human feeding a tan dog on a deck

Its diet should be full of fatty acids as well as nutrients. Giving them healthy food to eat, helps them retain their fur better.

Vacuum Your Dog

There are dog vacuums you can use to get that loose hair before it falls on your floors, carpets, or furniture.

Some Final Words

Dog hair on a floor with a pair of dog paws and a dog comb

Shedding is not going to be the same for all dogs. When you buy your pet, check its breed to see if it is a shedder or not. Then take the appropriate steps to help control their loss of hair.

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