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Will Shaving My Dog Help with Shedding?

Dog with back to the camera getting shaved

That’s a close shave! At least that is what some dogs will think when they avoid having their fur cut at shedding time. Cutting your dog’s fur is usually the first thought many pet owners have.

They think that if they get rid of the fur, their pet won’t shed. But even short-hair dogs shed so this is not a good defense. Plus, you make your dog vulnerable to different elements its fur protects them from.

Not all breeds can have their fur cut and it is not the best way to control this natural process.

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Double Coated Dogs Should Never Be Shaved

You may have tried this and thought you had great success with the shedding. But the dog is not worried about shedding its fur as it provides an important service to your pet.

When you shave a double-coat dog, you are actually making him or her vulnerable to dangerous situations. For one, the fur on a dog helps them regulate their body temperature.

The undercoat is grown so your dog is warm throughout the colder months of the year. Then it sheds that coat so it will stay cooler in the hotter months of the year. The dog’s coats help keep your dog from getting sick due to temperature changes.

One of those illnesses that could harm your dog is heat stroke. Remove their protective coating and your dog can easily overheat and have severe health issues.

Second, your dog’s two coats protect it from getting sunburned. Their skin is a lot thinner than a human’s thus they are prone to the sun’s rays when they do not have their coats intact.

Third, your dog’s two coats protect it from insect bites. Those bites can pass along different diseases. Thus, by keeping their coat intact, you are protecting your dog from those possible ailments and discomfort.

Can I Shave My Dog to Stop Shedding?

View of the side of a white dog being shaved by a groomer

While this method may help a little, it is not helping your dog that much. Shedding actually hurts no one but when you remove the coat, you leave your dog unprotected.

Single-coat dogs can get shorter haircuts than double-coat dogs but the hair on the former should not be shorter than 1 inch. Your dog still needs protection from the above issues.

Even with short hair dogs, their lack of a coat makes it harder for them to regulate their body heat. That means they have a harder time using their food energy.

It may seem like you are helping your dog stay more comfortable and your home from invading dog hair. But when you cut your dog’s fur, you are not helping them that much.

It is better to endure those seasonal shedding months than it is to put your dog at risk. For a double-coat dog, the undercoat grows faster than the topcoat. That will give your dog a very bad look until everything is grown back normally.

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Alternatives to Shaving Your Dog’s Fur

Corgi on a wooden surface being brushed

Shaving is an easy method to use. You just use a set of clippers and scissors or take them to the groomers to trim their hair. Not a hard task at all. However, there are better ways to control your dog’s shedding. Here are a few of those ways:

Brush Your Dog

You just have to use the right comb or brush to pick up all that loose dog fur. Take your time doing this as when you miss a hair here, you will find it on your furniture, etc., later.

Time For More Frequent Baths

Shedding season is a good time to up the number of baths your dog gets. Baths with the right shampoos and conditioner can trap loose hair as well as moisturize the skin to keep it healthy.

Use Supplements

Vitamins and Supplements spilling from a bottle onto a white surface

You want those supplements that are designed to bring nutrients to your dog’s skin and fur. There are good ones on the market you can use and when in doubt, talk to your vet for guidance.

Provide A Healthy Diet

Nothing beats a good meal and dogs need a well-balanced diet just like humans do. That way they can remain healthy and fight off those ailments that dry their skin, etc.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Water cures a lot of ills. Along with its many other benefits, water helps control your dog’s shedding. Make sure your pet has fresh clean and cold water in its dish.

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Some Final Words

dog hair shavers

Cutting your dog’s fur may be the easy way to control shedding but it is not the best. Use the alternatives and buy some great shedding tools to help you pick up the loose hair that makes it to your carpet, etc.

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