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Help! My Dog is Peeing on the Christmas Tree

jack russell terrier in front of christmas tree

Here’s a list of different strategies to stop your dog from peeing on the Christmas Tree:

  • Watch out for warning signs.
  • Noise makers and spray.
  • Take him for a walk more frequently than usual.
  • Buy a Washable Dog Belly Band (from Amazon).
  • Use dog repellent.
  • Gate tree or the dog.
  • Deny access to the tree.
  • Table the tree
  • Just say no!  

Why Does My Dog Pee On the Christmas Tree?

Jack Russell Terrier sitting on christmas present in front of christmas treee

So, you got a Christmas tree and your dog peed on it. Are you wondering why? Well, basically what you have done is brought in his own pee pole and decorated it nicely. You took the extra work out of doing his business and now, since it is in his living room, no other dog will be able to mark that Christmas tree but him. I’m sure he appreciated it. But you didn’t, right? Okay, so let’s talk about ways to make sure your dog does not pee on your Christmas tree again.

Watch Out for Warning Signs

Big dog with paw around jack russel's shoulder in front of christmas tree

Obviously, this is the easiest way, but it takes a lot of time. As Dogster says, dogs give away pre-indicator behaviors that you can watch for. Lowering their noses, sniffing and scratching around while going in circles usually indicates they are preparing to do their business. So, watching for them will help you to avoid disasters.

Using Dog Training Sound Devices or a Water Spray

Black and white dog in front of lit christmas tree

This is my own little idea. Dogs are very sensitive to sounds and there are some that they deeply dislike. My dog Yogi hated newspapers and styrofoam and whenever he was doing something, he shouldn’t have, I would grab one and just the sound of it made him stop immediately. So, whenever your dog looks like he is going to approach the tree, pick one of them up and shake it at him. He’ll get the hint. Whistles also work well.

Another idea which is very simple. Get a spray bottle and fill it with water. Whenever your dog approaches the tree, spray him. But please, remember to only use water. 

Take Him For a Walk More Often

Fat bulldog sitting on wood floor in front of chrismtas tree surrounded by presents

Much more often. According to Dr. Kristy Conn from Cesar’s Way, it’s good idea to let your dog pee at least 3~5 times a day. I must agree with her. If you were a dog and your owner brought in a big tree and decorated it nicely for you, wouldn’t you feel obliged to pee? I know I would.

Therefore, if you have the time, it might be worth it to increase the number of outings by at least three times a day.

Consider a Dog Belly Band or Diaper

Scruffy dog on brown background wearing scarf with santa hat in mouth

Buy a Washable Dog Belly Band (you can find them on Amazon).

These are great and keep you and the dog happy. You can get them is any size. They are washable which makes them both more economical and environmentally friendlier than disposable diapers. They are super absorbent, tree friendly and he gets to feel like he owns the tree. Well, that is until he sniffs it and finds it smell free.

Use a Dog Repellent To Keep Her from Peeing on the Christmas Tree

Dog laying in front of lit Christmas tree with tongue hanging out

This may be the best way because dogs are very sensitive to smell. And you can find repellent at your local supermarket. According to Howstuffworks citrus, cayenne pepper, vinegar and ammonia are all worthy repellents which are completely safe for your dog and the environment.

  • Dip coffee filters in ammonia, lemon juice or vinegar and letting them dry. After drying, cut them up into strips and place them neatly about the Christmas Tree. The smell should be enough to keep him at bay.
  • Place cayenne pepper in potpourri in bowls around the tree.
  • Cut slices of citrus fruit up and place them in small plates around the tree.
  • Benebone recommends taking a 1 ½ cup of water and mixing it with 2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar and 20 drops of orange or citrus scented essential oils and spraying it around the tree.

Use a Dog Gate For Your Christmas Tree

Pug sitting under christmas tree surrounded by gifts

I know this sounds like a terrible idea, but Shallylu (Found on Amazon) has an awesome gate that you can place around the base of your tree that will not only protect your tree, but is decorative as well. For only $25.95, you can make sure  your dog doesn’t pee on your beautiful Christmas tree. Now, he might be inclined to do so on the gate, but that’s a lot easier to clean than the tree.

Try Crating Your Dog

Jack Russel terrier with santa hat on head sitting in gift bag in front of Christmas Tree

When you cannot keep a watchful eye on your dog, it may be a good idea to crate him, especially if you have a mischievous dog who is prone to peeing in the wrong places. Now, this doesn’t mean to stick your dog in a crate for very long periods. Only when you can’t keep an eye on him.

Put Your Christmas Tree on a Table

Jack Russel Terrier sniffing christmas tree

If your tree was not picked out by Clark Griswold or you have a small enough tree, you could put it on a small table. This Vasagle low height table on Amazon is stable, sturdy and easy to put together. 

Here is a very festive idea I found on Pinterest. A small wooden slay would be very festive and out your tree out of range of being peed on.

Tell Your Dog No!

Corgi sitting in front of Christmas tree

Yes, Nancy Regan is back. Whenever your dog approaches the tree, Just say, “No” in a very commanding voice. When he walks away from the tree, give him a treat or a good rub down. Dogs respect boundaries. If he knows that you’re not happy with him near the Christmas tree, he is most likely to respect that, especially if treats or rub downs are involved.  

The Bottom Line on What to Do If Your Dog is Peeing on Your Christmas Tree

Beagle wearing santa hat in front of christmas tree

And there you have it. One of these or a combination of them should be all that you need to prevent your dog from peeing on your Christmas tree. And remember it is important to be consistent. One thing dogs learn from is consistency and whatever confuses them just leads to disaster, so keep it consistent.  

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