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Is Ginger Good for Dogs?

Ginger root and ginger powder in a bowl

You may have wondered (as I have in my research in finding natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medications for my pets), Is Ginger Good for Dogs? 

Ginger is a wonderful spice we all love, during the holidays especially.  But did you know, Ginger is considered safe for dogs? It can be used both externally and internally.  Ginger has been touted as good for dogs to help treat many ailments, especially for indigestion, bloat and arthritis among the many ailments it can treat according to veterinarians and ASPCA.

Just be careful, Ginger has blood thinning properties, therefore it should never be given to pregnant or lactating dogs. It can also lower blood pressure and always ask your veterinarian if they are on any medications.

Can Dogs Eat Ginger Biscuits?

Plate of Ginger Cookies on a cloth covered table with a jar of honey and piece of ginger root

My dog Chewy loves Ginger biscuits (and ginger cakes… I sometimes share mine with him, I know bad mommy but it’s good for him for the most part and dogs have more tastebuds than us humans and like diversity just as much (only in healthy quantities of course!)) 

Most dog treats you buy have human grade ingredients in them, especially organic versions, so why not indulge your pup once in a while 😉 

Are ginger capsules for dogs a good idea?

Wooden spoon filled with ginger capsules next to sliced ginger

You can use it fresh, in which shredded is good mixed in their soft food but sometimes fresh is a bit hot for some pups.  Therefore you could try to do a capsule.

Can I give ground ginger to my dog?

Jar of ground ginger with a wooden scoop on a wood surface with a ginger root

I would recommend opening the capsule to use as you would ground ginger if like me you have a small dog. The capsules are usually made of gelatin or gelatin with other preservatives so watch the label for this. 

You can also use ground ginger, from the baking aisle, so long as it doesn’t have any additives. 

*Fresh has a lot more benefits compared to their dried out counterparts, as with most herbs.

Helps aid in:

  • Indigestion
  • Motion sickness
  • Bloat
  • Arthritis
  • Diarrhea
  • Flatulence
  • Poor appetite
  • Low blood circulation
  • Slow pulse
  • Some studies suggest it may help with fighting certain cancers
  • Nausea

Ginger Intake Guidelines

Ginger Intake Guidelines based on weight of dog

The Bottom Line on Ginger Being Good for Dogs

So in summary, there really is no wrong way to get ginger into your dog’s diet, it is like with everything else we feed them or give them via treats, trial and error to see which way it would be accepted the best and which way they like it.  

As we are not veterinarians, please always check with your dog’s doctor to ensure there would be no issues before starting them on dietary supplements such as this.

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