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Help! My French Bulldog Jumps in Water

White French Bulldog with black spots jumping into swimming pool

Although it has its pros and cons, Frenchie can be an all-time favorite pet. However, the major inability of the French bulldog is that it cannot swim. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as an owner to know about the dangers when your French bulldog jumps in the water. For example, your dog can suffer from problems, like coughing or hacking, chest pain, wheezing, and extreme lethargy.

Why Shouldn’t My French Bulldog Jump in Water?                       

Multiple causes make your Frenchie unsuitable for jumping in the water, and the most important ones are given below.

Physical Appearance

Close up portrait of a French Bulldog laying down on a grey background

French bulldogs should not jump in the water because their body structure does not support them in swimming. According to Pets kb, a fully grown Frenchie weighs 20 lbs and its head is very heavy. Hence, it can not maintain balance and paddling doesn’t help it, either.

Brachycephalic Dogs

The term ‘brachycephalic’ means that these dogs have broad but short skulls. Frenchie is a brachycephalic dog and can suffer from shortness of breath while doing difficult exercises, like swimming.

Absence of Temperature Regulation

French Bulldog sitting on a dirt path surrounded by tall green grass, panting.

French bulldogs are unable to regulate their body temperature quickly. Various airlines have banned them because a higher temperature can kill them. In summer, they try to jump in the pool or any accumulated water to reduce the effect of heat. Unfortunately, it can be lethal for them because they can’t swim.

Lack of Training

Mostly untrained bulldogs show excitement when they see water. They are unmindful of the severe repercussions of jumping into the water.

What Can I Do if My French Bulldog Jumps in Water?

Brindle colored French Bulldog standing in the water at the edge of a pond.

Watching your favorite pet sinking in the water is not something anyone can imagine. No need to get depressed as Let’s Get Pets has a strategy to help you out if your French bulldog jumps in the water.

Familiarize the Water

First of all, you need to introduce water to your Frenchie. Put some water on its paws so he can get the idea of being watery. Use shallow surface for this purpose.

Give Comfort

Adult tan French Bulldog laying in the sand among large rocks on the shore of a river.

Giving your dog the comfort of getting out of water whenever it wants, is the second step. You need to win its trust. Once it knows that it can get out of the water easily then it will not act absurdly in the water.

Use a Positive Tone

Your dog needs your appreciation. Use a positive tone to encourage your pooch to stay in the water. You may also give him/her a treat as a reward.

Make them Confident

Closeup of a white French Bulldog swimming in a pool

Once Frenchie gets into the water, keep an eye on its body language. Some owners themselves go with their pooch in the water to make the canine confident.

Teach Paddling

When you notice your dog is enjoying the water, try to hold it in a comfortable position. Take him/her in deep water to teach paddling and keep noticing his/her movement. Make sure that its hindlimbs, as well as forelimbs, should work together.

According to PetMD, if French bulldogs use front legs continuously, they are going to tire themselves. Therefore, you need to support them during the training sessions. Teach them paddling by giving some commands or moving their legs (one by one) with your hand.

Ensure Regular Practice

Practice makes everything perfect and the same is true with swimming lessons. Keep this thing n your mind that the first lesson should not be so long. Otherwise, desirable results won’t come because the dog will get bored.

How to Keep Your French Bulldog Safe if it Jumps in Water?

A white French Bulldog and a Black and white French Bulldog wearing life vests holding on to the edge of a swimming pool

You have to be proactive. Once your dog sinks into the water then there are fewer chances of its survival. Therefore, you have to work efficiently and the following solutions can come to your aid.

Use a Life Jacket

Frenchie can not swim on their own and need proper care. If you can’t keep a continuous eye on them,  consider the option of life jackets. It is safe and your dog will not sink even in the deep side of the pool.

Try a Leash

Brindle French Bulldog on a leash and wearing a bright red harness, sitting on a brick walkway at the water's edge.

This will allow you to rescue your dog instantly. It is particularly helpful when you are not in the mood of going in the water. If you feel that your dog is drowning, simply pull the leash to take it out of the water.

Avoid Bigger Pools

It is better to swim along with your pup in a little garden pool. Deep pools are dangerous for French bulldogs because they become even more vulnerable to drowning. Some Frenchies can swim in a 10-feet-deep pool, but it can vary.

Pool Water is NOT for Drinking

Close up of a black French Bulldog in a pool licking his lips.

Always keep an eye on your canine and stop him/her from drinking pool water because it is not healthy. Your little Frenchie can be sick.

Provide Clean Drinking Water

Swimming is not easy and requires a lot of effort. Therefore, you should give your little bulldog plenty of clean water to drink. Its body will need a lot of water after such an exhausting exercise.

Wash and Dry Your Dog

White French Bulldog being scrubbed with soap by a person in grey athletic wear

When your French bulldog jumps in the water, you must wash his/her body after taking it out of the pool. After this, you need to dry them properly because any pathogen can get stuck in the fur. That can be detrimental to its health as it can lead to several diseases. Hence, cleanliness is the key to keep your pup safe and sound.

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