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Are Maple Trees Toxic to Dogs?

Maple tree with golden leaves on a hill with blue skies in the background

According to ASPCA, maple trees are safe for dogs. Therefore, if your dog eats the leaves, it will not be harmed in any way. However, they can experience stomach distress if they consume too many leaves. This is because a canine’s gut is not designed to process plants.

Maple Tree Information

Red maple leaves with a red blurred background

Maple trees belong to the Sapindaceae family and the genus Acer. It is made up of 125 distinct species that grow in different regions of the world. The following are some of the most frequent varieties of maple trees.

Red Maple Tree

5 red maples lining a field

The Red Maple Tree, also known as Acer rubrum, is the most common species. It is well-known for its beautiful autumn shades. The tree grows up to 90 feet tall, with a trunk around 30 cm thick.

Silver Maple Tree

overhead canopy of silver maple trees

Acer saccharinum is the scientific name for the silver maple. It is often known as white maple or soft maple. The tree has a shallow root structure and grows quickly. It has a strong trunk and broad, fork-like branches. It has the same five lobes as other maples, and its leaves are green at the top and silvery at the bottom.

Sugar Maple Tree

Single sugar maple on a hill with fall leaves

Sugar maples are also known as Acer Saccharum and grow roughly the same height as Red Maples. Their trunks are 1-2 feet in diameter. Because of the incredible strength of its wood, the sugar maple is known as hard maple. The tree’s leaves are green in the summer but turn a rich crimson, orange, or yellow color in the fall.

Are Maple Trees Safe for Dogs?

Golden retriever sitting outdoors in the grass surrounded by trees

The red maple tree is safe for dogs, cats, and humans. However, it is highly toxic for the horse family. Consuming the leaves of red maple is safe for dogs unless they have eaten a lot of them. In that case, digestive problems can arise because these carnivores can’t digest plants. Research has been continuing if the other two types of maple trees are harmful or not.

A maple leaf appears on Canada’s coat of arms and the Canadian flag. The maple tree is a famous emblem of power and resilience, and it has been designated as Canada’s national tree. However, it doesn’t mean that your furry friend will become stronger after eating maple tree’s leaf or fruit. Therefore, keep an eye on your pooch to keep it safe.

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