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Are Japanese Maple Trees Poisonous to Dogs?

Twisted Japanese maple tree full of red leaves on a hill

If you are looking for a one-word answer to this question, that would be a NO. It’s natural for owners to be a little anxious about such a varied species. However, ASPCA clarifies that the Japanese maple tree is completely safe for canines. Therefore, you can plant one in your yard without worrying about your pup’s health.

Japanese Maple Information

Close up of Japanese Maple leaves

Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) is a small tree that grows to a maximum height of 6-10 meters. Its mature width is 4.5-10 meters and is typically grown as an understory species in shady forests. Japanese Maples have many trunks that meet near the ground. Acer Palmatum is native to Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Russia, and China and can be grown in tiny areas.

Individual flowers have five red/ purple sepals and five white petals and are produced in tiny cymes. The fruit is a pair of winged samaras, each measuring 2–3 cm in length and containing a seed measuring 6–8 mm. All these features make Japanese Maple trees a complement to any outdoor landscaping project. Depending on the species, they come in a broad range of beautiful hues and more than 1,000 different types.

Are Japanese Maple Trees Safe for Dogs?

Large white dog with Japanese Maple trees in the background

No component of this tree is poisonous to people or dogs, despite its flaming leaves in fall. In reality, the tree’s leaves are used in several Japanese recipes and have no harmful effects on the body.

Japanese maple trees are lovely little maples with attractive foliage and spectacular fall color. They look great in a tiny garden. The notion that Japanese maple trees are poisonous may stem from the fact that a fungus that develops on the bark of red maple trees is lethal. On the other hand, Japanese maples belong to a different genus than red maples, and fungus doesn’t affect these trees. Hence, your pet is safe around the Japanese Maples.

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