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Is the Crepe Myrtle Tree Safe for Dogs?

Tops of a blooming crepe myrtle tree

According to ASPCA, Crepe myrtle is harmless and non-toxic for both animals and humans. These plants have beautiful flowers that can lighten up your mood and can give pleasure to your dog. This is because dogs feel good when they are around flowers and plants.

Crepe Myrtle Information

Pink and white crepe myrtles lining a street in front of homes

Lagerstroemia is the scientific name for these trees. They are typically found in hotter climates like China, Korea, northern Australia, and parts of Oceania. This plant belongs to the family Lythraceae and genus Lagerstroemia, which includes around 50 species. Their size can vary from 9-foot tall 8-foot wide to about 25-foot tall and 12-foot wide.

Crepe myrtle flowers may be white, pink, lavender, or red. Crepe Myrtles are popular as ornamentals in homes and public spaces. This tree’s beautiful bark also contributes to its attractiveness. Crepe myrtles can reproduce asexually and are usually free of pests and diseases.

Planting crepe myrtle plants in a sunny place is recommended. They can grow in most soils except wet ones. Hence, they don’t need to be fertilized or altered. Summer flowers are abundant, and pests are kept at bay thanks to the sun and well-draining soil.

Is Crepe Myrtle Safe for Dogs?

Yellow Labrador Retriever laying under trees in some brush

These resilient trees are entirely safe for your dogs if you want to keep your garden dog-friendly. Puppies are curious and persistent tiny creatures who explore their surroundings by smelling, licking, gnawing, or burrowing virtually anything they explore. Toxins are found in many attractive plants, but crepe myrtle is a dog-friendly plant.

Dog safety should be the top priority of an owner. Larger dog breeds cannot be settled indoors so, they need some outdoor places, such as gardens or backyards.

When you are buying a dog, never forget about the ambiance. This is important because if your pet gets in contact with a poisonous tree, severe health problems can arise. However, that’s not the case with Crepe Myrtle because it is safe for your dog.

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