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Can Poodles Eat Mango?

Multiple whole mango with leaves on a wooden table

Yes, they can. Mangoes are sweet and juicy tropical fruits that are delicious not only for humans but also for dogs. The king of fruits is loved by everyone and you can share a piece with your poodle while enjoying it.

NOTE: Always consult your vet before giving anything new (to eat) to your poodle.

Is it Good for Poodles to Eat Mango?

White poodle standing with front paws on a raised mound with petunia like flowers from on it.

Experts approve that mangoes are harmless for dogs (except in some rare cases). Keep reading to learn some of the major benefits of mangoes for poodles.

Mangoes Contain Vitamin B6

It is an essential constituent of every poodle’s diet. According to Dog Feelings, Vitamin B6 is available in many commercial dog foods, but it often degrades quickly. The deficiency of Vitamin B6 can lead to anemia and poodles can eat mango to get this essential vitamin.

Mangoes Contain Potassium

Potassium is another important nutrient for dogs that is present in mangoes. It regulates the nervous system, circulatory system, and excretory system of your poodles. Lack of potassium in their diet can result in dyslexia, kidney stones, and heart issues.

Mangoes Contain Vitamin K

Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting and is particularly useful if your poodle is working as a hunting dog. These pups can often get hurt and the deficiency of Vitamin K can cause excessive blood loss. It is an extremely dangerous situation because if the bleeding doesn’t stop, poodles can even lose their lives.

When is Mango Bad for Dogs?

One whole mango and a sliced mango in a unique wooden bowl on a wooden table next to a small wooden bowl with chunks of mango.

According to American Kennel Club, it’s not beneficial for poodles to eat mango in some scenarios. A couple of situations in which mango can be harmful to poodles are discussed below.

Mango Skin and Pit Is Dangerous

The skin of mango should never be fed to your poodle because it is very hard and indigestible. Moreover, mango skin contains urushiol, a compound found in poison ivy or poison oak. Mango pit should also be avoided because it can get stuck in your poodles’ digestive tract and have choking hazards. It also contains a small amount of cyanide that can be lethal for your canine.

Excessive Amount of Mango

Excess of everything is bad. Feeding a lot of mango to your pooch will increase the chances of unhealthy weight gain. It has a lot of calories and can also cause diarrhea and belly aches to your poodles (in large quantities). Therefore, you should be very careful while feeding your poodle fruits or vegetables. In fact, it’s highly recommended to consult your vet to determine a healthy diet for your pooch.

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