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Can Dogs Eat Banana Peels?

banana peel on dark wood surface

Pets are just like our families, and we care for them as we do for our blood relatives. A key problem usually raises the question of what we should feed our pets, what kind of food they are forbidden to eat, what the consequences of eating different types of food are, and what nutritional aspects are beneficial to their health, and so on.
So far, many of us questions that can dog eat banana peel? Or What to do if a dog eats a banana peel by mistake. You will find out your answer in this article, but you must get a professional opinion from veterinary in case your dogs eat a banana peel.

Can Dogs Eat Banana Peel?

Bananas are generally loved by humans and animals. So why not? They are, without a doubt, the most wasteful sources of various vitamins and minerals. These minerals support the development and contribute to a good and healthy life.
About banana peels, humans do not typically eat the banana peel, and it is also of no value to a dogs health. The problem with the banana peels is that they contain an exceptionally high amount of fiber which is difficult to measure and it gets difficult for dogs to digest it because of their sensitive stomach.

What to do if your dog eats banana peels?

Jack Russell Terrier on blue background with banana peel on head

Dogs have a habit of eating what is in front of them. So as the banana peel is non-toxic, there is no need to panic and worry about if your dog eats banana peel. But to avoid the occurrence of any serious complications, get in touch with your veterinarian as soon as possible if you find your dog eating a banana peel.
A dog eating a banana peel on regular basis could suffer from pancreatitis, gastrointestinal obstruction and gastrointestinal tract condition which could turn into something more serious if ignored and left untreated.
If after eating a banana peel your dog feels lethargic and starts vomiting or shows symptoms of diarrhea, then it is time for a medical examination. In a more pessimistic scenario, if you are unable to get in touch with any veterinarian, there are certain things that you can do to help them.

  • Do not give them any antacids or any other medicine. It can worsen the situation. Contact pet helpline if available and ask them what you can give to them. If helpline is not available in your region, then get in touch with any emergency clinic nearby.
  • Let their digestive system rest and do not feed them food or water for 12-16 hours.
  • After 12 hours, give them some water and see how their digestive system reacts to it. If your does not vomit then feed them with a small portion of white rice and boiled chicken. You can give this meal up to 6 times in a day.
  • If your dog does vomit even after resting for 12 hours, then get in touch with your veterinarian.

How to feed banana peel to your dog?

Chihuahua eating a banana from a humans hand

If you are stuck in a situation where you could not keep your dog away from the banana peel, and your dog is being rigid on eating the peel, then there is something that you can do to fulfil your dogs’ desires. There is no such harm in feeding him the banana peel as it is non-toxic. Also, its reaction varies from dog to dog and if it is prepared properly, it can prove to be beneficial for your dogs’ health. Follow the steps to prepare a banana peel meal for your dog.

  • Take a bowl and cut the banana peel into small pieces.
  • Mash the banana peel properly.
  • Add some peanut butter (or any other healthy thing that your dog likes) and mix it with the banana peel.

The peanut butter will help to speed up the digestion process.
The importance of banana peels in the dog’s eating routine

The banana peel is full of nutritional supplements. According to research, the banana peel contains many essential vitamins and minerals which includes vitamin B12, vitamin C, phosphorus, and manganese. All of these minerals and vitamins are important in improving the health of dogs and helping them maintain strong and healthy bodies.

Can dogs eat rotten banana peels?

Bananas on a wicker basket

Even the fresh banana peels are not best for the dog, rotten banana peels are a big NO for them. Banana peels contain the potassium which makes the digestion process difficult. In the rotten banana peel, the potassium level increases which further makes it difficult to digest.
A dog is generally found eating rotten banana peels while going through the trash or while walking on the road.

Dogs cannot digest banana peels properly and there is no point in feeding them banana peel on purpose. There are many other food supplements available in the market that can satisfy your dog taste buds and at the same time provides them with essential nutrients.

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