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How to Use Cornstarch for Matted Dog Hair?

Person using scissors to cut matted fur off of a golden retriever

It is normal for dogs to get matted hair. This happens when a dog’s natural oils and skin cells build-up to create a tangled mess. A major cause of these tangles is excessive shedding that creates knots in the coat of your pooch. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions (like using cornstarch) for combating matted dog hair.

You need to simply apply some cornstarch on your dog’s coat after bathing them. Cornstarch will soak up any extra moisture and oil on the surface of the fur. However, it won’t weigh down your dog’s fur like some other commercial products. Keep reading to learn the right way to use cornstarch for matted dog hair.

Causes of Matted Dog Hair

A major cause of matted fur is excessive shedding. When a dog sheds, the fur sticks together and forms knots. Hence, it becomes difficult to brush out these knots without causing undue stress to the dog. However, there are some ways to reduce or avoid excessive shedding with some natural products or specialized grooming tools.

Change in Diet

A Mastiff and a pug sitting at a table with a red plaid tablecloth staring at plated with cabbage on them

One of the most common reasons for matted dog hair is a change in the canine’s diet. It affects the digestion of food, and pups are unable to absorb all the essential nutrients they need. As a result, the health of their coats deteriorates. Dogs may also lose the oils that are responsible for keeping their fur shiny due to dietary changes.

Physical Problems

Although it is rare, physical issues can also result in tangled fur. For example, tumors or other growths on a dog’s body can make him/her even more sensitive to matting. Arthritis is another factor that can create tangles around the legs of canines. This is because it becomes difficult for your pooch to keep his/her legs straight, especially when they sleep.

Water and Dirt

Smiling red dog with mud all over its face

Your dog can get mats if he/she goes outside after rain and rolls around in wet grass. This often results in matting between the legs and belly area.

It’s important not to bathe your pup immediately when they have pesky little clumps of dirt in their coat. Bathing your dog will just make the mats even tighter. Hence, these thick fur locks should be untangled before washing your pooch. Clean away the dirt with a towel first and then go for the bath.

How to Fix Your Dog’s Matted Hair?

Person trying to comb matted hair from a poodle

On several occasions, mats in dog hair are difficult to remove. However, your job can become a lot easier by using cornstarch. It is an effective way to remove the tangles and mats in your dog’s hair. The following instructions can help you to use cornstarch for untangling matted dog hair.

Sprinkle Cornstarch Over Matted Hair – Start by sprinkling some cornstarch on the tangles in your dog’s fur. Work the cornstarch into the fur (with your fingers) until the knots become loose enough to be brushed out.

Be Gentle – Hold the matted hair by their base and slowly work your way through with a comb. Do not tug at the tangles. Not only is it painful for your pooch, but it will also worsen the tangles.

Brush the Hair – Use a regular comb or soft-bristled brush to gently loosen up any remaining mats. Then continue brushing your pet as normal. The cornstarch should help detangle the hair while you brush it out.

Only Apply Cornstarch to Matted Hair – If your dog’s coat is matted in some spots, only treat the matted areas with cornstarch. This will save you from spreading cornstarch on the entire body of your pooch.

After using this method to remove mats, remember to brush your pet regularly to prevent the re-formation of tangles.

Advantages of Using Cornstarch to Fix Matted Hair

Clear glass bowl of cornstarch with 2 ears of corn in the background

There are many advantages of using cornstarch to fix your dog’s fur tangles. Some of them are as follows.

It’s Natural

Cornstarch is perfect for those canines with sensitive skin or allergies. It offers a gentle way to help lift mats and tangles from your furry friend’s coat. The use of a natural product will make you feel good about being a responsible dog owner. It’s also a great way to add volume to your pup’s fur without resorting to chemicals or sprays.

Economical Alternative

2 hands holding up a dollar bill

Cornstarch is a great way to remove matting from your dog’s fur. You probably have corn starch lying around the house, and it only costs about $1 for an entire packet. Just head over to a grocery store and pick some up.

Non-Toxic Substance

Cornstarch is considered safe to be used on your dog’s hair. It is widely used in dog foods and experts believe that it is not harmful to your pup.

However, some dogs are allergic to corn and can develop some mild symptoms. If you see any allergic signs, remove the cornstarch and consult your vet.

Removes Bad Odors

Man in a red and black flannel shirt holding a jack russell terrier off to one side as if to say the dog stinks

Cornstarch also has the added benefit of being an odor-repellant. It removes pet odors from coats and can help deodorize your dog after they go for a swim. Just apply some cornstarch on your pup after the bath and say goodbye to the bad smell and tangled fur.

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