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Easy Printable Dog Toy Pattern for Homemade Dog Toys to Sell

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Scrap Fabric Dog Toys Make Great Dog Toys to Sell

My friend’s dog Biscuit LOVES fabric dog toys. She tosses them around in the air and sometimes use them as a pillow.

If your dog is like Biscuit, then making them adorable homemade dog toys out of scrap pieces of fabric with an easy printable dog toy pattern will be fun for your dog and if you are a crafty person – fun for you too!

This is a great starter project for how to make dog toys to sell.

That’s because these make great dog toys to sell at a fair or craft show and you get to be environmentally conscious – reduce, reuse, recycle. You get to be frugal. And this pattern can be used with nearly any fabric – so you can create dog toys that are marketable by season or sports team.

Before we get into the instructions let’s take a look at what fabric to use for your scrap fabric dog toys.

What’s the Best Fabric for Dog Toys

Display of Sample squares of fabric

First, let’s take a look at what fabric you should use.

The best fabric to use for dog toys depends a great deal on how heavy a chewer your dog is. Cotton T shirt fabric is great to make dog toys with.

But… the heavier the chewer he is, the heavier the fabric you should pick.

I prefer natural fabrics like cotton and wool, because they don’t contain micro plastics like synthetic fibers do, and if your dog does tear them apart then they will just degrade in their bodies and get pooped out.

Here are the instructions for making your scrap fabric dog toys – this pattern requires a bit of sewing. I also have instructions for 6 no sew dog toys here:

These Easy-Sew Scrap Stuffies Are Great DIY Dog Toys to Sell


  • Old 100% Wool Sweater
  • Craft Felt
  • squeaker
  • Pattern

​Printable Dog Toy Pattern:

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  1. The first thing you want to do is felt your sweater by washing it in hot water. It will shrink a lot and become thick and lose a lot of stretch.
  2. Now cut the body of the kitty monster out of the main sweater.
  3. Cut strips of the sleeves for arms and legs, and the eyes and nose from your craft felt.
  4. Stitch the eyes to the front body piece. You can stitch on the pupils of the eyes or use a permanent pen to mark them.
  5. Now stitch the nose down.
  6. Beginning at the nose with a small zigzag stitch and stitch a mouth.
  7. Now sandwich the squeaker, and the arms and legs in between the top and bottom body pieces and pin all around.
  8. Now stitch all the way around your kitty’s shape.
  9. Clip the excess threads and you are finished.

A big shout out to My So Called Crafty Life for this pattern.

Other Uses for These Wonderful Homemade Dog Toys

There are a few other uses for these types of dog toys besides just giving them to your own dogs.

Whether you want to sell dog toys at a crafting fair or do a project for a shelter, this craft works well. In fact, use your imagination, because this one is really versatile.

Tips for DIY Dog Toys to Sell

Family at craft show

This craft is great for making a lot of dog toys both inexpensively and quickly. Which makes it work well for creating DIY dog toys to bring to craft shows or to sell on platforms like Etsy.

When you sell at events or online, it’s always a good idea to keep seasons in mind, because people do like to buy themed gifts for their dog. So in December you may want to make dog toys with a Valentine’s theme and in September you may want to start prepping for Christmas and Hanukkah.

Dog owners also like to celebrate their sports teams and make their dogs “fans” so when creating DIY dog toys that will sell you should keep in mind your local teams and team colors. Just make sure you are complying with licensing laws!

Homemade Dog Toys for Shelters

Chihuahua hugging a stuffed animal

If you’re part of a service organization or Scouting troop, you can ask your members to bring in the scraps for this project and then do the project together, or you could make dog toys out of old clothes to bring to your shelter.

Be sure to ask the shelter what the requirements are for donating toys. Different shelters have different rules.Making special toys for our dogs is fun and can be very rewarding. I hope you love this craft and get some great ideas.

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