DIY Dog Toys from Water Bottles – Make your dog a treat dispensing toy from a water bottle!

Boo & Lorelei both enjoy this deceptively simple water bottle toy. I love dog toys with water bottles, because they are easy to make and fun to use.

Lorelei loves how it jumps when she pounces on it!  And Boo just noses it around until he’s rewarded.

It’s a great brain training toy that keeps your dog interested and engaged.

The Benefits of DIY Brain Games for Your Dog

Your dog will love chasing these dog bottle toys around as it dispenses their favorite treat!  

Bored dogs are often destructive and disobedient dogs. If you want your dog to stay calm and well-behaved it’s important to engage them in “brain training”.

Brain training are simply games and puzzles that your dog has to figure out in order to get a reward. Most dogs LOVE these kinds of activities.

I’ve found a great brain training dog program that I use myself. You can check it out here.

And the great thing for me is that it keeps both the dogs busy while I do my work.

However your dog plays with these diy dog bottle toys, you win!

Using Caution When Introducing a New Dog Toy

With any new toy, but especially a toy made out of a plastic water bottle, I recommend that you stay in the room with your dog if they’re prone to chewing.

The plastic is safe as a dispenser.  But for dogs who chew on it, it can become sharp.  You don’t want them to cut up their gums chewing on this toy.

DIY Bottle Treat Dispenser – Dog Toys with Water Bottles


  • Empty water bottle
  • Craft knife
  • Your dog’s favorite small treat


  1. Remove the label from the water bottle and wash carefully.
  2. Using your dog’s treat as a guide, use the craft knife to cut one or two holes in the bottle.  The holes should be just slightly larger than the treat so that they can drop out.  But you don’t want them so large that your dog is able to just dump them out.
  3. Add small treats or kibble to the bottle through the neck of the bottle.  How much is up to you.  Use your dog’s diet as a guide, or the size of the bottle.  Don’t overfill it though or your dog won’t have to play with it to win.
  4. Put the cap back on the bottle tightly.
  5. Watch your dog have a blast!!

Why I Love This Treat Dispensing Water Bottle

I’m frugal by nature, and also love to reuse and recycle. This dog toy is a great combination of frugality, fun, and taking good care of my pups.

It doesn’t hurt that my dog is obsessed with plastic bottles and this toy makes Lorelei especially happy.

I hope you enjoy this dog toy as much as I have. It’s a fun one to make and it makes me giggle every single time I watch my dogs play with it.

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