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DIY Dog Travel Blanket – 3 Ways

Do you enjoy traveling with your dog like we do?

We didn’t use to travel much, but we have been trying to get out more, as much as is possible at this point in time anyways. We’ve been going camping quite a bit over the last couple of years and find it very enjoyable especially with our Pup Chewy tagging along.

Sometimes we also take him along on family visits, but there is of course always one concern. Our dog is allowed on the furniture at home, but not everyone he visits is ok with that. 

So how do you keep both sides happy? Especially when you consider that the hosts you’re visiting don’t have any pets and aren’t used to them and their quirks and behaviors.

One solution we came up with was to take Chewy’s blanket with us everywhere we go, we pack it in the car so it can be easily accessed whenever it is needed.

We also made sure it is material that can be washed without the worry of it fraying. We can lay it on our host’s furniture to protect it while respecting their rules if they will allow it, and if not we simply lay it on the floor for Chewy to cuddle up in.

Compromising is always a win win situation.

So, in case you plan to take your fur baby with you like we enjoy doing, we’re going to show you how to make a no-sew travel blanket for your fur baby — big or small!!

We found this adorable and easy project at Pretty Fluffy.  You can check out Sarah’s other projects, too!

No Sew DIY Dog Blanket for Couch or Car

Pug with face sticking out of blanket

Materials you will need:

  • Fabric (I used 1-yard gingham + 1-yard polka dots, which fits nicely on a small sofa, but feel free to go larger based on the size of your dog or sofa!)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue + Glue Gun
  • Pom Pom Trim (Optional)


  1. Take your two pieces of fabric and lay them out, one on top of the another (make sure both pieces are the same size). We are starting with the blanket inside out, so we want the bottom piece of fabric with the pattern facing up, and the top piece with the pattern facing down. If your fabric is double-sided, like mine shown, then you don’t need to worry about which way they are facing.
  2. Using your glue gun, run a line of glue along the edges between the fabric pressing the two pieces together. Do 3 sides, but leave one smaller side unglued – we need this opening in order to pull it right-side out.
  3. With your 3 sides glued and one small side still open, flip your blanket so that it is right-side out and the pattern is now showing. It should look like a pillow sham at this point. If your corners are inverted, stick your arms inside the blanket and push them out.
  4. To seal the rest of the blanket, fold the top and bottom of the open fabric inwards and place a line of glue between, pressing firmly to seal.
  5. To add some extra charm, glue a line of pom-pom trim on the edge of the blanket. If your dog likes to chew on small things, I would omit the pom poms!

No Sew Dog Blanket with Braided Edge

This 2nd project is a bit more elegant than the typically tied edge blankets you find and will give a more sophisticated look to your home. Simply adjust the size to the size of the dog that you have.

Materials you will need:

  • Two coordinating pieces of fleece
  • Yard stick or large ruler
  • Sharp scissors


  1. Trim off selvage edges
  2. Make sure both pieces of fleece are the same size
  3. Lay blankets right size out on top of one another
  4. Cut a 2 by 2-inch square out of the corner of each blanket
  5. Mask or place a ruler from corner to corner
  6. Cut 1-inch sections around the entire edge of the blanket
  7. Take each fringe piece and fold it in half. Make a snip for each layer (see video for details) – you’ll need these snips for braiding
  8. Take the fringe pieces on the left (both pieces) and put them through the holes on the right (both pieces)
  9. Repeat through the entire row
  10. Continue the same thing at each corner
  11. When you get back to where you started you will create the finishing knot by threading 1 strand through the next hole and then double knotting it.

DIY Waterproof Dog Blanket

Sometimes you just need a waterproof dog blanket. If your dog is incontinent, it can be a lifesaver as it is washable so no scrubbing floors, or if you like outdoor trips to the beach, picnicking, or camping and want to protect them from moisture and cold that could seep through from the ground then this is a great blanket for that.

This one does require some sewing but the end result is worth it. If you don’t sew you can try the hot glue method but we did the sewing for the strength and durability it provides for the end project.

Materials you will need:

  • Polyurethane coated nylon
  • Fiber pile fleece
  • Old sleeping bag for lining and insulation
  • Webbing for tie up loops


This video will show you how to sew a dog blanket as well as how to create an insulated waterproof one.

The Bottom Line on DIY Dog Travel Blankets

2 small dogs laying under blanket on bed

You can make this project as easy or complicated as you like. We personally love the detailing of the braided fleece blanket, but when traveling with our dog outdoors we definitely want to go for the waterproof dog blanket.

Plus if you make the waterproof blanket large enough you can always cuddle right up with your pup on the ground and catch a snooze in the sun or in the shade.

We hope you enjoy creating this project as much as we did.

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