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11 Dog Breeds that Can Jump High

There are many dog breeds that can jump high and do amazing acrobatics. You see some of these breeds at agility competitions. Here are 11 breeds that are particularly good at jumping.

Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie jumping agility pole

This Australian sheepdog is exported to all parts of the world for mustering livestock. They are exceptionally compatible with sheep and goats. Given the fact that it is an intelligent breed, Kelpies can herd cattle without much guidance.

In addition to that, this athletic species is natural at learning the arts of climbing, running, and jumping and are one of the high jumping dog breeds. Unlike their parent breed (Collie), Kelpies can survive in hot and humid conditions of Australia.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd in field jumping to catch Frisbee

In contrast to their names, Australian Shepherds originated from the Western United States, in the 1840s. Having said that, the popularity of this dog breed got a massive boost after World War II. These versatile dogs were primarily used for herding livestock.

Later on, they showed a lot of success as sports dogs, therapy dogs, and service dogs. Aussies learn quickly and are extremely fond of playing. Consequently, they are pretty good at physical skills like jumping and playing flyball.

Border Collie

Border Collie jumping for Frisbee

This Scottish breed is yet another herding dog that can jump really high. The energetic and acrobatic nature of Border Collies has enabled them to achieve great success in dog sports. For instance, Fame (US), a Border Collie, was a clear winner of the Master Agility Championship (2018), organized by the Westminster Kennel Club. She was 8.5 seconds faster than the fastest runner-up.

Probably the most intelligent dog breed on this planet, Border Collies can be a little difficult to train. This is because you need to match their energy and fitness in order to cope up with them. Although it is fun, it can prove a tiring experience for many people.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd jumping over fallen log

The official name of this breed (in English) is German Shepherd Dog (GSD). As the name suggests, these working dogs originated from Germany. The versatility and intelligence of GSDs allow them to learn almost anything, ranging from herding to police service. This is the reason why they are immensely popular in the United States (2nd-most registered). Similarly, German Shepherd is the 7th-most registered breed in the United Kingdom, according to The Kennel Club.

Being the most preferred military dog, GSDs are quite proficient at jumping. These larger dogs may not be as quick as some of the smaller breeds, but they are quite agile.


Papillon completing jump over agility pole

Also known as the Continental Toy Spaniel, Papillons are famous for their butterfly-like appearance. They have a long history of succeeding in performance rings, which is sufficient to prove their athletic capabilities. However, proper obedience training is necessary to control the never-ending energy of this breed.

Owing to their intelligence, Papillons are considerably easy to train. Socialization could be an issue with these dogs. Therefore, planned socializing training at an early age is critical.

Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier in mid jump over agility poles

This farm dog was originally bred for hunting purposes. Hailing from America, Rat Terriers are well-known for their pest-control abilities. They have all the characteristics (feisty, energetic, and lively) of a true terrier.

Although they are extremely obedient to their family, they can be a little too agile for a passive role. However, proper training and socialization can make them suitable for all kinds of families. Despite the fact that Rat Terriers were extremely common in the 1920s and 1930s, they are now recognized as a rare breed in the United States.        

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier jumping over leaves

This small terrier was developed for fox hunting, nearly 200 years ago, in England. An independent nature and unlimited supply of energy are the salient features of this agile breed. These untiring balls of fur are one of the most suitable choices for active families. Russell Terriers are excellent athletes that can accompany you on various adventures, like long-distance running.

Even though they are quite affectionate and loving, Jack Russell Terrier can be a little difficult to train and is a breed that really enjoys digging. For this reason, this breed is often not recommended for amateur dog parents.

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog jumping over agility poles

The name of this dog breed comes from the place of its origin. These intelligent dogs hail from the Shetland Islands in Scotland and were originally bred as guard dogs. Likewise, they possess a strong herding instinct which is ideal for any farm dog. All these jobs clearly reflect the physical activeness of Shetland Sheepdogs. Whether it’s running in wide spaces or jumping over obstacles, they are ready for all kinds of challenges.

Nowadays, they are one of the most popular breeds in dog sports due to their exceptional agility. In addition to that, they are excellent companions to have in your family.


Vizsla jumping over a creek

This Hungarian dog was bred as a combination of pointer and retriever and he offers exactly that. It has all the physical attributes of a hunting dog but is also described as a ‘Velcro breed’. Having said that, they are extremely hardworking dogs who are always interested in outdoor activities and dog sports. Not only are they brisk runners, but they are also quite efficient at navigating obstacles through jumping.


Weimaraner jumping to catch a Frisbee

In its early days, this German gundog was used by royalty to hunt large animals (deer, bear, and wolves).  These hunting dogs are extraordinarily active and show remarkable expertise at managing tough terrain. This is the reason why they were also successful in hunting smaller targets such as birds and rabbits.

In addition to their hunting skills, the physical appearance of Weimaraners is also quite graceful. Due to their silvery coat, they are given the title of ‘Silver Ghosts’. This makes them an instant hit for families who can provide the necessary exercise and run.   


Whippet jumping in the air

Whippet is the most athletic dog breed in the world. Spitfire is the whippet who holds a number of records in this regard. Firstly, it has the record of the longest jump (31-feet) by a dog. Similarly, this astonishing dog can jump 8-feet above the ground. If you are getting a bit bored with jumping, Spitfire is also the fastest retrieving dog (4 seconds).

This agility of this breed can be judged by the fact that even young whippets can jump easily over puppy gates. Hence, you should ALWAYS keep them in surveillance to avoid any unwanted incident. 

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