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10 of the Least Needy Dog Breeds – You’ll be Surprised!


There are different things that people look for when they are considering a dog that isn’t too needy. Sometimes they want an easy to groom coat, other times they want a laid back attitude. These 10 breeds have varied personalities – to suit different types of people. I think some of these least needy dog breeds may just surprise you!

Least Needy Dog Breeds


2 Whippets standing side by side with trees in the background

This medium-sized dog is well-suited for those people who are looking for a low maintenance pet and they are great medium sized apartment dogs. Given the fact that Whippets are a popular racing breed, they are incredibly athletic and agile. Consequently, they are quite proficient in running and jumping. This is the reason why you shouldn’t unleash them during their daily walks.

Despite all the energy they possess, they are always ready for a peaceful nap and are pretty relaxed. You won’t have any noise issues with Whippets as they hardly bark. However, they don’t like to be left alone. This issue can be controlled to an extent through proper training in the early days.  

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier laying on picnic table with grassy hills in background

This cute little dog is an ideal choice for a family with kids. The friendly and loving nature of this breed allows them to indulge in a good play session with children. Boston Terriers are extremely intelligent and obedient in training. This is a critical aspect for working parents who need a small dog who can stay home alone as they can’t observe their dogs at all times.

As far as their grooming is concerned, they have a short and smooth coat which is extremely convenient to manage. Having said that, overheating can be an issue with this dog but that can be tackled by keeping them indoors (in hot weather).  


side profile of Bloodhound in nature setting

Historically, bloodhounds were used for hunting and tracking people (excellent sense of smell). The large size of this dog clearly reflects the independent nature of this breed. Despite their size, they are extremely affectionate dogs who should be trained at a young age to develop a strong mutual bond.

This breed safe for families that have kids (preferably older kids who can handle a large dog). The coat of bloodhounds is very easy to maintain as it only requires weekly brushing. Last but not least, they don’t need too much physical exercise.


Portrait of Greyhound outdoors

Although a lot of people believe that Greyhounds are high-energy dogs, this is not true. Yes, they do enjoy an occasional opportunity to run around but generally, they are pretty comfortable on your couch. Greyhounds are independent dogs who don’t bark much unless you keep them alone for longer periods of time.

It may seem a bit surprising but they really have a gentle character. This can go a little too far if proper socializing training is not introduced during the early years. In those cases, you may notice that your dog is feeling nervous in front of strangers. Other than this issue, a greyhound is a great pet dog whether we look at it in terms of grooming or training.


Bullmastiff laying on bed of leaves in the forest

Despite its really large size, Bullmastiff is a pronounced domestic dog. The low key attitude of this breed allows the dog to adjust in all kinds of places, including apartments. Even though Bullmastiffs can grow up to 130 pounds, they don’t need much exercise and are quite mild. A walk in your garden on a daily basis is enough to keep them happy and satisfied.

Bullmastiffs don’t create much noise but are still quite vigilant. They are extremely loving and protective members of your families and can serve as ideal guard dogs. In fact, they were used to guard estates in the 19th century. Lastly, the grooming of this large dog is also not difficult due to its short coat.  

Great Dane

Great Dane standing next to pond

This German breed is a fantastic domestic dog, despite its massive size. Zeus (a Great Dane) holds the record for the tallest dog of the world who was measured at 44 inches in height. Given the size of Great Dane, it is pretty reasonable to assume that this dog needs a lot of exercise. Surprisingly, that’s not true as it only requires a small walk daily.

The patient and loving nature of a Great Dane is an ultimate attraction for many pet parents. Similarly, it is quite intelligent and responds positively to training activities. Likewise, brushing is also not an issue with this low key dog, thanks to its smooth coat.


Rottweiler standing in grass with trees in background

Rottweiler is another German dog on this list who loves companionship. They like to spend most of their time with their parent(s). You can use this information while training as you can reward them with your company. The short coat of a Rottweiler looks stunning even if you brush it twice a week.

In the past, they were used to pull carts of butchered meat to markets. This might have played a major role in making these dogs obedient and calm. Whatever the reasons, these two features are a massive plus for any domestic dog. Given the fact that they don’t start barking until the age of 2-3 years, they are virtually noiseless.


closeup portrait of Pug's face

Pugs are characterized by their distinctive physical features, wrinkly face and curled tail. Just like their physicality, the nature of this breed is also unique. It is so lively, sociable, and friendly that you simply can’t resist the cuteness of this little creature. They are not very fond of exercise but do need a short walk regularly to keep them fit, because of this they make good low maintenance dogs for apartments.

Pugs could cause some problems while training because they are a little too funny to take things seriously. For this reason, they have a reputation for stubborn learners. Having said that, the good thing with pugs is that they are calm in nature and need their parents to show a similar attitude. If you treat your pug with love and care, it will eventually become wise with age. Owing to their heat tolerance issues, they are primarily indoor dogs that can’t bear extreme heat.


Beagle standing in grass field with trees  and sunlight in background

Given the scent hound abilities of Beagle, it was originally used as a hunting dog. Later on, it acquired the status of an excellent family dog for different reasons. First of all, beagles are quite easy to train if you use food rewards. Secondly, they have a short and manageable coat that doesn’t require a lot of brushing. Similarly, they don’t rigorous exercise to stay in control.

The friendly and loving nature of this breed is probably the most important factor which made it a successful domestic dog. Not only does it makes the training easy, but it also strengthens the mutual bond. The fact that beagles don’t bark much is another pulling factor if you are not fond of noise.


Chihuahua standing in grass with head tilted.

This is the smallest (recognized) and the 4th most popular breed of dogs. This pocket-sized dog is probably the perfect pet that can accompany you in all your plans. This is the reason why they are often described as ‘Velcro’ dogs. Here, it is important to understand that a Chihuahua should not be left alone as it can develop destructive habits.

At first glance, Chihuahua does seem a low maintenance dog but you need to take into account its big personality before selecting it. Yes, it doesn’t need much grooming or exercise but a proper training approach is necessary and they can be quite stubborn. Once you do that, it is a really loving pet to own.     

These dogs all shed and can cause allergies. If you’d rather have a dog that doesn’t shed check out these mixed breeds that are bred with hypoallergenic breeds of dogs.

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