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DIY Rope Surprise Ball Toys for Dogs

Illustration of a green Monkey's Fist rope ball

When I was MUCH younger I had an adorable ball-of-fluff Shih Tzu named Abernathy. We got him when he was a teeny-tiny little puppy, and he LOVED toys, like most dogs.

Abernathy especially liked chewable toys like this DIY stuffed rope ball toy. He loved carrying around his toys. He seemed very proud of them when he did this but he especially loved the treats that came along with these types of toys. What dog doesn’t?

This toy is easy, inexpensive and fun to make and importantly, it’s safe for even the most aggressive chewer!

What You Need to Know About these Homemade Surprise Ball Toys for Dogs

If you’re crafty and decent at making knots, DIY rope toys are some of the easiest types of toys to make for dogs. There are a ton of different types you can make, but they all start with one thing in common – good quality, natural fiber rope for this surprise dog toy.

TIP: The more aggressive the chewer, the tighter you should pull the knots. The toy will last longer with the knots pulled tighter. 🙂

What Type of Rope to Use for Dog Toys

9 strands of colorful rope tied in a knot on one end and fanned out on the other

When you’re crafting rope dog toys the most important consideration is the TYPE of rope you’ll use.

Some dog knot surprise toys call for jute and others call for cotton. Either is fine, but you’ll want your material to be 100% natural. There should be no synthetics in the material at all.

The reason you want all-natural rope is just in case your dog chews it up and ingests it (which is likely over time) it will simply pass through their system safely. No vet trip here which is good news for your pup and you.

✔️This is my favorite brand of 100% natural cotton rope for dog toys.
You can find it on Amazon by clicking here.

I personally love bright multi-colored toys for my pup! It makes me really happy to work with such beautiful colors and materials. It doesn’t hurt that the end results are super pretty!

And while dogs don’t see colors the same way that we do, they can still tell the difference between the colors. Especially from light to dark hues.

So if there is a special toy, we give our pup’s toys names to make fetch more fun…example: go get your hippo. He knows which one we are asking him to bring us based on the shape and of course the color tones he can see.

Here I will show you how to make a decorative rope ball surprise toy for your dog. One that he will enjoy playing with for hours on end.

Best Rope Toys for Puppies

You may ask this question, can puppies use adult dog toys. Puppies certainly can use the same rope toys that adult dogs can use, but it’s even more important to use only natural fibers because their systems are so delicate and still maturing.

When buying or making toys for smaller dogs or puppies, another thing to think about is how big the toy is. Your puppy or smaller dog will enjoy it more if they can get their mouth around it.

Instructions: Homemade Rope Surprise Ball – Toy for Dogs

Instructions for how to make a homemade rope surprise ball toy for dogs

Now it’s time to pick your favorite color rope and give this project a try! You can also print the diagram for helping tie the knot.



  1. Using two twist ties, secure the ends of your rope from unraveling. You can use jute twine in place of twist ties to help keep it all-natural.
  2. Follow the numbered picture instructions above for tying it into a monkey’s fist knot. (I find the monkey’s fist knot to be challenging, so it might take a couple of tries to get the knot just right. This toy is really just a giant monkey’s fist).
  3. Before finishing and tightening the knot at the end, you slip in a dog treat (slip the treat in at step 5).
  4. Finish tucking in the loose ends and it’s ready for playtime!

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I have!

Have fun with your dogs today!

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