Easy Treat Toy Ball

Single yellow tennis ball on back asphalt

Do you need an easy treat toy to keep your little Pup-genius busy?

This one is super simple.

One note – some dogs are able to swallow tennis balls.

Be sure to use a ball that your dog can’t manage to fit entirely into their mouth.

You don’t want your treat to turn into a trauma.

Easy Treat Toy Ball



  1. There are numerous ways to make this toy harder or easier depending on your dog’s determination, it’s likelihood of destroying the ball and the size of your treats.
  2. Making a cut along the seam leaves a flap that can be tucked in for added difficulty.
  3. Making a straight cut can lead to more crushed treats instead of “released” treats.
  4. Cross cuts required only one or two chews before the treats fell out, but have an advantage in that they can release the treat when battled around.
  5. Cutting only the felt and creating a deep pocket creates a good space for kibble to fit. Our dog tends to just rip the felt off.
  6. Load ’em up and watch ’em go!

I’m planning on getting one of the really BIG tennis style balls.

I think that will be a bigger challenge for Lorelei in particular.

I barely blink and she solves most treat puzzles.

But with a ball larger than her head… I may get a few minutes to finish something before she does!

tennis ball cut open laying next to 2 dog treats and a knife

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