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8 Dog Breeds That Look Like Labs

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Labrador is the most popular dog breed in the US due to its devotion towards family members. Similarly, they are well-known for their even-tempered personality and friendly attitude. Unsurprisingly, a lot of cross-breeding has been done with Labs and this has resulted in some amazing breeds. Many of these resulting dog breeds look like Labradors and some of them are discussed below.


Bassador standing in grass

This rare cross between the Labrador and Basset Hound is quite appealing for many people. These dogs have short legs, large ears, and are on average around 14 inches tall as adults. Consequently, they have an upper body that suits a larger breed but their shortened legs keep them in the medium-to-large category.

Bassadors have the same enthusiasm and loyalty that you associate with Labradors. However, its body is ill-equipped for Labrador’s boisterousness. This can sometimes lead to mobility issues such as arthritis. Similarly, the working line Basset Hounds tend to be in better shape than their show-bred counterparts. This is an important thing to consider if you have your heart set on this dog breed.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever laying in yard with grass

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are powerful, well-built gundogs. As the name suggests, this dog breed has all the traits of a retriever dog. They originated in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay as a water dog that was used for duck hunting.

Chessies may be loyal, but they are emotionally more complex than regular gundogs. They have a mind of their own and may pursue their own paths. Having said that, a well-socialized Chessie is a confident companion and world-class hunting buddy. Likewise, these affectionate and tireless canines make excellent watchdogs and are versatile athletes.

Chessies need a big space to run around in due to their hunting background. For this reason, they are not ideal for novice dog parents and apartment life. They can tolerate being alone and won’t cause mayhem due to anxiety. That is not to say that they won’t cause mayhem at all!


Corgidor in snow

This dog breed was developed by interbreeding a Labrador and Welsh Corgi. This mix is exactly what you would expect. These canines have the intelligence of Labradors and the energy of Corgis.

Although Corgis prefer to be with one human only, Corgidors are NOT an anti-social breed. The one area where both the parent breeds are completely in sync is coat shedding. As a result, Corgidors shed a lot.

A Corgidor loves to be with his/her family. This trait comes from the Labrador part of this breed because Labs would do everything to please their owners. Corgidors don’t mind kids and will take care of them just like they would do for their pups. This mixed breed loves to be the center of attention so proper training at an early age is necessary.


close up of the head of a Sheprador puppy with floppy ears

This dog breed is the result of a cross between a Labrador and a German Shepherd. Shepradors are quite tall with an average height of about 24 inches. They have a variety of coat colors and patterns that depend on the genes of their parents. This beautiful variation is one of the reasons why people go for this breed.

German Shepherds are notorious for having health issues. On the other hand, Labradors are generally quite healthy dogs. More often than not, the good health of Labs counteracts the health issues to create a healthy cross-bred puppy.

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Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever sitting in grass

The Golden Retriever originated from the gentleman’s hunting spaniels and setters in the UK. It is one of those dog breeds that resemble a lot with Labradors. In contrast to work-oriented Labs, Golden Retrievers were bred to hunt when needed. Despite their different backgrounds, both of these breeds make a sweet and charming house pet.

A Golden Retriever is even-tempered, intelligent, and affectionate. Although they have a playful nature, they are extremely gentle with children. Likewise, they tend to get along well with other pets, including dogs. Consequently, Golden Retrievers are one of the finest family dogs in the world: cheerful, demonstrative, and trustworthy.


Huskador puppy laying in grass

This dog breed is known by different names. The Husky Lab Mix, Siberian Retriever, and Huskador are the most popular ones. This beautiful and intelligent dog has been developed by crossbreeding a Siberian Husky with a Labrador Retriever.

You can be reasonably certain that your Huskador will be energetic, affectionate, loyal, and protective. However, they can have uncertain temperaments and will require an experienced owner.

They may have traits leaning towards either a Lab or a Husky. Huskies can and will bark at everything while Labradors only bark when needed. Huskadors need a lot of exercise, given that the mix comes from two working dog breeds.


Labradoodle laying on wooden walkway

Labradoodles are perhaps the most popular designer dog breeds on this list. This is a result of a cross between a Labrador and Poodle. Just like a Poodle, Labradoodles require extreme grooming to avoid matting in their coat. It might not be obvious at first glance, but a Labradoodle’s coat can become extremely matted underneath those curls.

Their coats can vary hugely from one puppy to another. There is no way to predict what your young Labradoodle will look like when he/she grows up. These canines can become wonderful family pets if you are ready to commit some time for regular grooming.


Springador in natural setting at sunset

This hybrid breed is the result of a cross between a Springer Spaniel and a Labrador. Springadors often have shorter coats, and they can look like slightly shaggy black Labs with a few white markings.

This mix of working dogs can lead to either extreme. For this reason, this breed is not recommended for inexperienced owners. Springadors can get very active when the steadfastness of Labs combines with the hunting drive of Springer Spaniels. Therefore, it is necessary to train them properly at their young age to enjoy this amazing breed.

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