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9 Dog Breeds with Spots

9 Dog Breeds with Spots feature image. Dalmatian laying on his back on a hard wood floor

Dogs with spotted coats look beautiful and unsurprisingly, these canines are quite popular. Every spotted dog is NOT dalmatian as each breed has its own personality and unique traits. Let’s take a look at some dog breeds with spots on their skin.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd bouncing in a grassy field

Australian Shepherds belong to the herding group of dogs. They need a lot of exercise (at least 60 minutes every day) due to their outdoorsy nature. Although they can be social, most of these canines prefer to stay near their families.

Australian Shepherds have a medium-length coat that can be straight or wavy. It comes in black, brown, white, or merle. Regular brushing (at least twice a week ) of their fur is necessary to keep it manageable.

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog laying on a wooden deck

This crossbreed has a mottled/speckled pattern on its coat. These dogs don’t require regular grooming, but they shed a lot of hair. Therefore, occasional baths are required to minimize the shedding problem.

Australian Cattle Dogs are regarded as extremely smart and agile dogs that bond well with their family. However, they are not the most social breed out there and tend to shy away from strangers. These pups are generally NOT recommended for novice owners because of their extensive exercise requirements. Likewise, they do not fare well in enclosed spaces, like apartments.


Beagle on a wooded trail

Beagles are among the most popular canines in the world. They are not always spotty, but these dogs come with a coat that has patches of different colors. Some variants have giant patches that make the dog look uniform in color. You will often find them with tan, black, or white coats.

Beagles do not shed as much as the Setters. They can easily be brushed once a week as their short and dense coats do not need regular maintenance. These gentle dogs can easily adapt to a small living environment because of their little exercise needs. A 30-minute walk each day is more than enough for Beagles. No wonder this dog breed with spots is hugely popular in the US.

Border Collie

4 Border Collies sitting in grass

This spotted dog breed comes in many colors, including white, black, tan, or blue/red merle. The blue merle variant has a lot of red spots on its coat. These beautiful dogs need a lot of exercise to stay content and happy. At least 60 minutes of exercise a day is needed to avoid negative behavior.

These loving dogs are incredibly smart and are regarded as the cleverest dogs in the world. They are incredibly easy to train because they can learn new commands very quickly. Therefore, they can fit well in any family.

Usually, Border Collies are considered quite healthy, but some of these pups can have some medical issues. If you are looking to adopt one, make sure that his/her eye and hip exams are done.

Bluetick Coonhound

Bluetick Coonhound in a fenced in yard

Bluetick Coonhounds get their name from the blue, ticking pattern on their coat. They don’t require a lot of grooming and will be content with occasional baths and brushing. However, the high prey drive of this breed can be an issue if you are planning to domesticate them.

On the positive side, Bluetick Coonhounds can get along well with other animals if early socialization is ensured. If you really want this dog breed with spots, you must have a backyard to allow sufficient physical activity. This is the reason why Bluetick Coonhounds are a popular choice among outdoorsy and sporting families.


Dalmatian at the beach sitting in the water

Let’s start with the face of every spotted dog: the Dalmatian. The popular Disney show, “Dalmatians 101” gave an immense boost to the popularity of this breed. These beautiful dogs with short white coats and black spots were the stars of that show. Since then, they are the dogs that come to mind when talking about spotted dogs.

Despite all the popularity, Dalmatians are not recommended for first-time dog-owners because of their stubborn nature. They can be extremely hard to manage, and you don’t want an 80-pound dog to cause chaos in your home.

English Setter

side portrait of an English Setter

This breed was originally developed as a waterfowl hunter and has been around for centuries. An English Setter is extremely loyal and can become an excellent family member. This is one of the most common spotted dog breeds. These dogs can have brown or black spots on their white coats.

Although they are easier to train, their grooming requirements can be troublesome for busy families. On top of that, these dogs shed quite a lot. Therefore, regular brushing and multiple visits to a groomer are needed to keep your Setter’s coat healthy and shiny.

English Springer Spaniel

Close up portrait of an English Springer Spaniel

These friendly dogs are ideal for families. The only drawback is that English Springer Spaniels need regular grooming. If you can take care of their coat, they will prove to be excellent companions.

The medium length curly coat of these pups come in brown and white with white spots. Alternatively, some members of this breed can have a black coat with white spots.

Originally, English Springer Spaniels were bred as hunting dogs. They have a lot of energy and require a moderate amount of exercise to burn it off. Therefore, you should have a yard to accommodate the exercise needs of this spotted dog.

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer standing in sunlit field

This dog breed is often associated with spots. In fact, it is second only to Dalmatians in popularity (in this regard). German Shorthaired Pointers have a brown or white coat (with dense spots) that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Likewise, these dogs rarely shed because of their thin coat. As the name suggests, this spotted dog breed is a hunting dog. They were bred for hunting and pack a lot of energy. However, they can easily adapt to apartment life, if enough exercise is provided. The German Shorthaired Pointer is one of the 10 most popular dogs in the United States.

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