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Toy Goldendoodle vs. Mini Goldendoodle

A toy goldendoodle and a mini golden doodle with the letters VS in between as to say "Toy Goldendoodle vs. Mini Goldendoodle"

Goldendoodle is a very popular breed that comes up in 3 different sizes, standard, miniature, and toy. The size of the Goldendoodle depends upon the size of the Poodle that was used for its breeding. Irrespective of their size, Goldendoodles have a friendly nature and hypoallergenic coats. In this article, we will discuss the differences and similarities between two types of Goldendoodles: toy Goldendoodle and mini Goldendoodle.

Toy Goldendoodle

Toy Goldendoodle laying on carpet and chewing a toy carrot

This breed is the result of a cross between a small Golden Retriever and a miniature/toy Poodle. It was generated in the early 2000s in the United States. Toy Goldendoodles are very obedient and form a unique bond with their family members. Although they inherit great quality from both the parents, these pups can be stubborn and may develop behavioral issues if they are left alone long time.

Mini Goldendoodle

Mini Goldendoodle standing outdoors in snow

This breed is a hybrid between a purebred Golden Retriever and a miniature Poodle. These pups are popular because of their low-shedding coat, outgoing temperament, and adorable looks. Despite their small size these pups can be very loud and love to bark in any situation. Mini Goldendoodle may bark when they are happy, excited, bored or when they heard an unusual noise.

Differences Between Toy Goldendoodles and Mini Goldendoodles

The following table shows some of the major differences between these breeds.

CharacteristicsToy GoldendoodleMini Goldendoodle
WeightAround 20 poundsAround 25 pounds or less than 30 pounds
HeightAround 14 inchesAround 16 inches
Life Span10 to 15 years12 to 15 years
AppearanceDense coatCurly and wavy coat
ColorGold, red, cream, apricot, and caramelBrown, red, cream, silver, tan, and white.
SheddingRequires moderate shedding.Requires low shedding.

Similarities Between Toy Goldendoodles and Mini Goldendoodles

The following are some of the major similarities between both versions of Goldendoodles.

Origin – Both these breeds originated in the United States of America.

Nature   Both these Goldendoodles are friendly and develop a strong bond with their family members.

Exercise Needs – Both these dogs require daily exercise to burn their excess energy and stay calm.

Training – Both these breeds are easy to train and love to learn a new trick to please their owners.

What is Better about Toy Goldendoodles?

Toy Goldendoodle chewing a toy indoors

Toy Goldendoodles have an excellent attitude towards children and can make a wonderful family companion. Being hypoallergenic dogs, they are ideal for people who suffer from allergies. Thanks to their intelligence and willingness they are very easy to train. These pups are moderately active and won’t require a rigorous exercise schedule to burn their excess energy.

Due to their small size, they are perfect for living in apartments. They have adopted good attributes from their parents and build great understanding with humans. The only drawback of toy Goldendoodle is that some of these dogs can develop certain health issues. Therefore, they will require regular visits to the vet.

What is Better about Mini Goldendoodles?

Mini Goldendoodle outdoors in grass on a leash

Mini Goldendoodles are friendly, gentle, and love-to-please their people. Although these pooches are incredibly intelligent and easy to train, they can be mischievous due to their playful nature. They also make fantastic apartment pets because of their small size hypoallergenic abilities. The only drawback of Mini Goldendoodles is that they love to bark and can indulge in excessive barking.

Who Should Get a Toy Goldendoodle?

Person sitting on a porch holding a toy Goldendoodle puppy

Toy Goldendoodle is a very good breed for families who live in an apartment due to its small size. These pups get along very easily with kids and show a good level of obedience towards their families. They can easily fit in tight spaces and will require a small crate for crate training. This will help you to save some cash.

Although they are small, Toy Goldendoodles are not fragile and have a compact and strong body. Similarly, they have a moderate level of exercise needs and are suitable for active families.

Who Should Get a Mini Goldendoodle?

Mini Golden doodle laying on polka dot sheets

The good temperaments of Mini Goldendoodle make them a great addition to any family. These non-aggressive and loving dogs easy to train and have relatively low maintenance. Therefore, they can be a good choice if you are looking for some level of independence in your dog. These pups have an abundant supply of energy and need a lot of activity. Hence, you should not go for this breed if you can’t provide them with regular walks and plenty of playtime.

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