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Can Dogs Eat White Rice and Chicken?

plate of chicken over white rice with cucumber garnish on honey colored wood table top

The word ‘YES’ is the simplest possible answer to this question. Both these ingredients (chicken and white rice) are safe for dogs and provide your pets with some useful nutrients. For instance, rice are extremely rich in carbohydrates while chicken accounts for proteins and essential amino acids.

Carbohydrates provide energy whereas proteins are used to build strong muscles. This gives a significant nutritional value to this meal. Despite that, it is an unbalanced diet because a lot of important vitamins and minerals are missing from it. For this reason, you cannot feed this 2-ingredient meal (alone) for longer periods of time.

Feeding Dogs Chicken and Rice

Yellow Labrador Retriever eating out of metal dog bowl

Has your vet prescribed a bland diet for your ill dog? White rice and chicken is a delicious, cost-friendly recipe that can entice any dog. This recipe is also considered the pup’s version of chicken soup. Generally, the diagnosis of an upset stomach is what instigates this prescription. Both these ingredients reset the gastrointestinal systems of your dog as they are light and easy-to-digest.

Not only is this recipe very tasty, but its nutrients are also quite effective at recovering the dog’s health. Although symptoms of tummy trouble (diarrhea and/or vomiting) are well-known, you should ALWAYS consult your vet. He/she will make sure that there is no problem with this meal as your dog can be allergic to rice.

Can I Feed My Dog Chicken and Rice All the Time?

Beagle eating from metal food dish in front of white brick wall

You can make chicken and white rice a part of your dog’s daily diet but not in massive quantities. Similarly, you need to ensure that all the necessary nutrition requirements are being fulfilled. For the sake of your pup’s safety, it is highly recommended to discuss the diet plans of your dog with a vet.

White rice and chicken is an effective homemade remedy for treating diarrhea in dogs. The simplicity of the ingredients allows your dog to digest easily, which leads to a speedy recovery. However, you can’t rely solely on this meal in the long run. This is because continuous deficiency of essential nutrients can develop several health issues in your pets.

How to Prepare Chicken and Rice for Dogs?

human hands sliding cooked chicken onto a white place with white rice

This single-protein, single-carbohydrate diet is pretty convenient to prepare if you have the right ingredients. Selecting high-quality products can help you allure your pet towards this bland meal. The following list of instructions can assist you in achieving this goal.

  • Purchase the best quality chicken to limit the toxins. Chicken raised on hormones are more likely to have higher concentrations of these harmful chemicals.
  • Preferably, go for boneless pieces of chicken breast as they are soft and easily digestible. You may cut these pieces in small cubes to reduce cooking time. Likewise, make sure that the chicken is skinless and boneless to avoid any further irritation.  
  • Select long-cooking white rice for preparing this meal. Even though quick-cooking rice are more convenient, they have a lower nutritional value. Similarly, it is advised to avoid brown rice because they contain a little too much fiber. Don’t forget to rinse the rice before cooking.
  • NEVER include any seasonings (onion, garlic, etc.) in this recipe because they are toxic for dogs. Likewise, all kinds of oil and butter should be circumvented.

Once you have gathered all the right ingredients, you are all set to cook your dog’s meal. Start by boiling 1 cup of chicken cubes (in water) until they are fully cooked. Remove the chicken from the broth and boil 2 cups of white rice in it. When both the ingredients are ready, cool them and feed your pet. The general rule of thumb is to mix 1/3 portion of chicken to 2/3 portion of rice.  

Chicken and Rice for Puppies

corgi puppy eating from small food dish

Typically, puppies are even more prone to gastric unhappiness than their adult companions. Luckily, this white rice and chicken recipe works for them as well. The ratio of rice to chicken remains the same while the overall quantity of the meal will obviously decrease.

The best possible method to feed a puppy (suffering from gastrointestinal issues) is to start with a small quantity. For example, if your puppy regularly eats 1 cup of food per meal, you should begin by feeding him a quarter cup of rice and chicken. Observe your pup and if everything goes well, increase the quantity in the next meal.

Whether your puppy is generally stubborn or not, it will behave a little strange when ill. You have to understand that and try making it as comfortable for him/her as possible. Serving the food in your dog’s normal dish is one way of alluring the pet towards the meal.

You can determine the appropriate quantity of food for your dog by clicking here. Alternatively, you can discuss the exact situation with your vet to come up with a prescription.

How much Chicken and Rice for Dogs by Weight?

Chicken and white rice with garnish on white plate with side of dipping sauces

This recipe of Chicken and rice is the most common bland meal for dogs. Having said that, the quantity of the meal is heavily dependent on the size and condition of the dog. The very first thing that you need to do is to determine the amount of food that needs to be fed in a day.

Then, you must divide it into smaller meals (4-6) that will be scattered around the day. For instance, if your dog requires 3 cups of food, feed him about ¾ cup of rice and chicken, four times a day. The following chart will give you a tentative idea about the diet your dog may require.  

Dog’s Weight Amount of Diet
<5 pounds ½ cup
5-15 pounds ¾ cup
16-30 pounds 1 cup
31-50 pounds 1 ½ cups
51-75 pounds 2-3 cups
76-100 pounds 3-4 cups
>100 pounds 4-5 cups

Important Note: The exact amount of food should be finalized as per the requirements of your vet.

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