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How to Make Dog Toys Out of Socks – 5 Ways

While doing the laundry I found a whole bunch of old socks. A few had holes and others were just missing their mates.

Old Socks are a waste.

The entire sock can be in great shape but have just one hole in the toe. You could try mending it, but it will be uncomfortable to wear. So you just chuck it.

But what if you didn’t just chuck it?

What if you made dog toys and dog shirts out of socks.

Sock Toys for Dogs

Yellow Labrador Retriever laying on back chewing sock

Instead of throwing out your old socks, go ahead and fix the holes. Now you have the base for a bunch of great new dog toys.  🙂

Important: Dogs should always be supervised when playing with toys – especially homemade toys for the first time. Because dogs chew a lot, they can and sometimes will chew up and swallow toys. Be sure you know how your dog will interact with a toy before you leave her alone with hit.

Ball in a Sock

Creative name – I know. And it couldn’t be simpler to make. All you need is an old sock and a ball that will fit into it.  I prefer a tennis ball for this toy. And it a great tennis ball alternative for dogs, because tennis balls by themselves can be quite abrasive to dog’s teeth.

This is a great toy for exercise, but if you also need a chew toy to clean your dog’s teeth – here are 7.

Simply put the ball into the stock. Now I that sock into a knot. You want the knot to be as close to the ball in the toe as possible.

Now you have a toy that your dog can tug on (the loose end of the sock). You can also throw this toy for a rousing game of fetch.

There is also a bonus toy in this above video that involves a rope and a tennis ball.

Double Sock Ball Dog Toy

This is a simple variation on the 1st dog toy, but uses two balls and multiple knots to create a sling shot effect that will hurl this toy far for a great game of catch.

Freezer Toy

This is a great toy for the summer.

Take an old sock and get it wet. Bring out the stock and pop it into the freezer. When you need a frozen treat for your dog that won’t have calories, just pull this out of the freezer and I’ll have tons of fun.

Smelly Sock Toy

Variety of multi color striped and patterned socks on yellow background

Here’s something else you can do with an old sock. It’s very easy to make a stuffy for your dog that smells like you.

All you have to do is take an old sock and make sure there are no holes in it. If there are holes, simply sew them up in a rough fix-it job.

Now, you just need to stuff it. Use another sock or scrap fabric. You don’t need to overfill it. Now, just sew up in the open end of the sock and you have a brand-new stuffed toy for your dog.

If you don’t wash the socks and make them “smelly” it will have even more attraction for your dog.

So now you have three new toys that you can make in 10 minutes or less.

Each uses a sock you would throw away otherwise. You know me, I love recycling. And that recycling means something great for my pups, I know I’ve got a winner. I hope you love these two.

Want to make squeaky toys for your dog? Give these DIY Dog Squeaky Toys a try!

DIY Dog Sock Toy with Water Bottle

This toys makes a delightful crunchy sound and is super easy to make.

Slide a water bottle inside a sock and tie off the end!

The Bottom Line on Making Sock Toys for Dogs

Sock toys are super simple to make and they are a GREAT way to use up stray socks in your house. The smelly sock toy works particularly well if you have a dog that is anxious when you leave.

For more great toys you can make at home, check out our post “Indestructible” Dog Toy.

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Liked reading about how to make toys from socks. Sorry for sounding critical,but I thought that you would want to know. You might want to proof read your postings first though. (Missed words, wrong words). I realise spell check doesn't catch those because of the types of errors. Thanks for the creative use of recycling and making dog toys from socks! Sherry