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DIY Flirt Pole for Dogs

Dog paying attention to owner with flirt stick

At first glance, I know this seems more like a cat toy, but you’d be amazed at how much some dogs like to chase this type of stick!!

And it’s a great idea for people who may not be up to running around the yard. You can completely wear out your dog in record time — without wearing yourself out!

What is a flirt pole

A flirt pole or a flirt stick is a pole with a lure or dog toy attached. It is often used to help train dogs to chase a lure in preparation for lure coursing competitions. It is meant to tempt a dog into giving chase.

How to make a flirt pole

Illustration of a flirt pole

A DIY Flirt Pole really is an easy dog toy to make and your dog will have endless hours of fun. If you have a dog with a lot of energy, a flirt pole is a great way to burn off that excess energy.

DIY Flirt Pole


  • PVC pipe
  • 10-15 feet of rope
  • a dog toy
  • Fun colored electrical tape (optional)


1. For a medium dog, buy a 4 foot long 3/4″ PVC pipe, 10-15 feet of rope, and a dog toy.

2. Thread the rope through the pipe and tie a knot at either end of the pipe, to keep the rope from sliding in and out.

3. Tie a toy to the end of the rope.

4. Optional: You can buy fun colored electrical tape or duct tape (finally an excuse to buy lime green tape!) and wrap the PVC pipe so it’s all fancy. It also helps give you a better grip on the pole.

Flirt Pole Variation #2

These flirt pole instructions are slightly different than the one above but still cost efficient and durable.

Thanks to Bulletproof Pitbulls for this great tutorial.


  • 3/4 Inch PVC Pipe – 4-6 foot long
  • Para-cord
  • a couple of washers larger than the 3/4 in opening in the PVC
  • a 3/4 inch PVC Elbow
  • Athletic Tape
  • A toy or something to use as a lure


  1. Cut your PVC at a comfortable length that is long enough to keep your dog at a distance so they do not run into you when giving chase.
  2. Add the elbow joint to one end of the PVC pole.
  3. Run your para-cord through the PVC pole and add the washers to the end that comes out of the elbow securing them by knotting the para-cord.
  4. On the opposite end of the para-cord, tie on your dog toy / lure.
  5. Using the athletic tape, wrap the PVC pipe to create a grip on the handle starting at the PVC elbow and working about 1/4 of the way up the pole.

How to use a flirt pole

3 dogs chasing the lure on the end of a flirt stick

To use your flirt pole with your dog, get your dog to sit and wait for your command. Once your give your “get it” command, move the toy end of the flirt pole out of the dogs way prompting them to give chase.

Remember to occasionally allow your dog to get the toy and then give them praise so that they stay interested in the game.

Flirt pole for large dogs

To make a flirt pole for a large dog, you will follow the same instructions as above, however you will need a 5 to 6 foot long pole instead of the 4 foot pole for medium sized dogs. Making the pole longer will help you extend your reach so that the dog is not running into you while chasing the lure.

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