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5 No Sew Dog Toys with Instructions!

Jack Russell Terrier puppy chewing a rope ball being held by a human hand

No sew dog toys are pretty awesome. They usually use things that you find around the house and can often be made in just a few minutes – saving both time and money!

These no sew dog toys are super simple to make. I think you’re going to love them!

(If you want a printable pattern for a stinking cute scrap fabric dog toy that requires a bit of sewing I have that as well)

No Sew Dog Toys Type 1: Braided Denim Dog Toys

Puppy looking up at camera while tangled in a denim jacket

I love denim as a material to make dog toys with! It’s sturdy and will hold up to heavy chewing. There are several methods of braided and knotted denim dog toys that are easy to do and require absolutely no sewing!

You can also make ALL of these toys out of “t-shirt yarn” which is just t-shirts cut into strips or other strips of fabric.

Here are my favorites!

Toy 1. Simple DIY Denim Dog Toy


  • An old pair of denim jeans
  • A pair of scissors


  1.  Cut two extra long (leg length) strips of denim from a leg of your recyclable jeans about 5+ cm wide .
  2.   Lay the two strips in a cross (one strip horizontal and one vertical, crossed in the middle) and then “box weave” aka “square knot” or “box braid” per the following instructions.
  3. Spread the strips in a cross (+) shape
  4. Fold the top of the vertical strip towards the bottom
  5. Now fold the bottom of the vertical strip towards the top
  6. Fold the right end of the horizontal strip towards the left, passing over then under
  7. Then fold the left end of the horizontal strip towards the right, passing over then under
  8. Pull to secure.  The stands should now look like a woven square, but don’t worry, Fido and Fluffy won’t judge if you didn’t get it right on the first few attempts. 🙂
  9. Flip the knot over and tidy your strands back into a neat cross (+) shape.
  10. Repeat the steps, watching your denim “ball” grow by wrapping around itself.  If you wish, take a little extra care on the final layers to twist/flatten the denim for an attractive finish.  Leave a few tempting ends for your pampered pup to carry and grip.
Simple DIY Denim Dog Toy

Toy 2. Square Knot Dog Toy

This video shows step by step how to make a simple square knot dog toy. This is one of the sturdiest no sew toys to make and dogs LOVE it.

You’ll need:

  • 4 long strips of fabric 3 1/2 to 4 feet long (denim or other fabric)
  • scissors!


  1. Knot the 4 strips of fabric together on one end, making sure the knot is tight.
  2. Lay the knot in the center of your work surface and arrange the strips into a cross with the knot facing down.
  3. Take your top strip of fabric and move it to the down position, leaving a loop at the top near the knot.
  4. Move your bottom strip of fabric to the top position also leaving a loop of fabric near the knot.
  5. Now take the strip of fabric on the right and run it through the top loop and pulling it into the left-hand position.
  6. Take the strip of fabric on the left, move it over the strip in the down position, through the bottom loop, and place it in the right hand position.
  7. Pull all four strips tight and repeat.
  8. When you are close to the end, tie the strips together tightly.

This is basically a 4 piece braid and can be made with old tee shirt material (tee shirt yarn), fleece, denim, or other leftover fabric. The sturdier the fabric, the better it will hold up to chewing.

Be sure to get your knot sturdy at the top, as that’s what makes it durable for heavier chewers.

This is one of the easiest EVER dog toys. It’s made out of sturdy denim, so it will really stand up to heavy chewers.

Toy 3. Braided Denim Dog Toys

You’ll need:

  • 9 strands of denim
  • A hair tie or rubber band


  1. Take your nine strips of denim and tie them together on one end using a rubber band or a hair tie.
  2. Have someone hold the tied end (or you can shut it in a door or dresser drawer but make sure the rubber band is on the same side of the door as you).
  3. Separate the strips into 3 pairs – 2 in on the left, 2 in the middle and 2 on the right.
  4. Start your braid by crossing the right pair of strips over the middle pair of strips. This pair now becomes your middle.
  5. Bring the left pair of strips over the middle making it the middle pair.
  6. Repeat the previous 2 steps until you only have enough fabric left to tie off the braid.
  7. To tie it off, take one pair of strips and separate them back into 2 strips. Tie them in a knot, then wrap them around to the other side and tie them in a knot again.
  8. Remove the rubber band and repeat the same knot you created on the opposite end.

This is a super simple way to make a no sew dog toy.

This toy is super durable, because the denim is braided with three strands together.

No Sew Dog Toys Type 2: Outside Dog Toys

My dogs love being outside! So it’s fun to have outside dog toys to play with. Here are two that are no sew and easy to make:

Toy 1. Tether Tug – DIY

This simple dog toy can stay permanently mounted outside or you can make the stake and remove it when you want to. It will entertain most dogs for hours.

You’ll need:

  • 1/2 inch PVC pipe
  • Rope
  • Your dogs favorite toy
  • 10 inch long 1″ diameter pipe
  • 1 inch flange
  • 1 inch cap


  1. Take the 10 inch piece of pipe and attach the flange to one end and the cap to the other.
  2. Drive the capped end of the pipe into the ground stopping when the flange lays flush with the dirt.
  3. Drill a hole large enough for your rope to pass through in one end of the PVC pipe.
  4. Put one end the rope through the hole on the PVC and tie the rope back onto itself.
  5. Cut your rope at the ground level and tie a dog toy or tennis ball to the end of the rope. This should keep the toy a few inches off of the ground.

This toy should take about 15 to 20 minutes to assemble and will offer your dogs hours and hours of fun!

Toy 2. DIY Tennis Ball Dog Toys

English bulldog laying on the floor chewing a tennis ball

Most dogs love these types of dog toys, but herding dogs particularly love the one with the rope that you can toss long distances!

You’ll need:

  • Tennis balls
  • A clean sock
  • Rope
  • Knife
  • Jingle bell
  • Strong needle and thread


  1. For the first toy, place a tennis ball in a clean sock and tie a knot in the sock close to the ball. Make sure it is a clean sock so your dog does not associate the toy with your smell. This can lead to your dog chewing your socks.
  2. For the second toy, Cut 2 slits in a tennis ball on opposite sides of the ball. Thread a rope through the ball and tie it into a loop to make a handle. Use the handle to throw the ball or play tug of war.
  3. For the third toy, cut a small opening in a tennis ball. Place 1-2 jingle bells inside the tennis ball and sew the opening shut with strong thread. Now you have a noise maker toy for hours of fun.

Summary – Choosing the right no sew dog toy project.

Brown and white long haired dog chewing on a toy made with purple fabric.

When I do projects like this, I always take three things into consideration.

  1. What supplies to I have on hand or are easy for me to get
  2. What toy do I think my dog will like?
  3. What kind of toy do I want to make/build

Whatever you choose to make, have fun making it!

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Monday 12th of February 2024