Toy on a Stick AKA the Flirt Pole!

Flirt Pole

Ok — this seems more like a cat toy.

But you’d be amazed at how much some dogs like to chase this type of stick!!

And it’s a great idea for people who may not be up to running around the yard.

You can completely wear out your dog in record time — without wearing yourself out!

Toy on a Stick AKA the Flirt Pole!



1. For a medium to large size dog, buy a 4-6 foot long 3/4″ PVC pipe, 10-15 feet of rope, and a dog toy.

2. Thread the rope through the pipe and tie a knot at either end of the pipe, to keep the rope from sliding in and out.

3. Tie a toy to the end of the rope.

4. Optional: buy fun colored electrical tape (finally an excuse to buy lime green tape!) and wrap the PVC pipe so it’s all fancy schmancy pants.

This is also a great toy to use before training or walking with your dog.

Dog with a leash

You can burn off any excess exuberance before your dog needs to concentrate.

It can make training a much smoother, and much more rewarding experience.

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