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How Much do Miniature Poodles Cost?

Small, white miniature poodle outdoors in grass

The average price of a Miniature Poodle is $2530. However, the general price range of these dogs starts from $1500 and goes up to $3000. This type of poodle is considered more expensive than other poodles and can show some massive price variations. For example, you can get a miniature poodle for as little as $350 and as much as $20,000. Keep reading to know why miniature poodles are so expensive and learn about their first-year expenses.

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Why are Miniature Poodles Expensive?

These dogs are expensive because they are famous and can do various fun tricks. In addition to their adoption fees, the cost of food and grooming can also be quite high. This is why owners need to understand why miniature poodles cost more before getting one. The following are some factors that are responsible for an elevated price of miniature poodles.

Low Birth Rate

3 Apricot colored miniature poodles sitting against a brown background

This is an important reason behind the heavy price of a miniature poodle. Fewer births are accountable for the huge jump in the price of this breed. Many miniature poodles give birth to five pups in a year, whereas a standard poodle has around seven pups a year. This will lead their prices to a premium.

Healthy Dogs

One white, and one apricot poodle sitting on a rock in a park

Miniature poodles are one the healthiest dogs and it makes them a little expensive. However, it’s highly recommended to contact a registered breeder for purchasing a purebred dog. This will give you complete insurance of your dog’s perfect health. But for that, you have to pay more. Other than that, you can get a miniature poodle for less by considering Poodle rescue.

Top Genes

Small apricot miniature poodle standing in grass outdoors

It is one of the main reasons why miniature poodles are more expensive than most dog breeds because they come from a decent gene pool. They are not mutts but are purebred show dogs and have the best genes. This means that the dog has better form, strength, and health.

The top gene pool of miniature poodles allows them to fetch a higher price in the market. Top genes required quality breeding which is necessary to create elite pets. Other than the sales price of these quality poodles the cost incurred in breeding, food, and healthcare are also high. This makes some miniature poodles cost up to $5,000.

High Maintenance Costs

close up of $100 bills scattered

Maintaining your miniature poodles is an additional part of the above reason. They are expensive not only because of their purchasing price but also due to high-level maintenance needs. It is necessary for these small poodles to groom so that they maintain their familiar look of the poodle. However, regular grooming is necessary for poodles but after purchasing, the owners need to take them for professional grooming. The duration of this professional grooming is after every 4 to 6 weeks. Miniature poodles have high prices because it requires good food, exercise, proper veterinary care, and a great environment, especially for their mental health.

Easy to Train

Brown miniature poodle outdoors at sunset looking up

This is the quite major reason because of which owners have to pay a handsome amount to own a miniature poodle. While adopting a dog it is common for those who are easy to train so that owners don’t have to face many difficulties, especially for inexperienced owners. But for that, they have to pay more.

These poodles love to learn new things because they are highly intelligent and friendly. They are also good listeners and require less effort from the owners. All you have to do is to remain consistent and your poodle will be trained in no time.

Ideal Option for First-Time Dog Owners

Woman holding a miniature poodle in a pet store while someone in the background helps her find a leash

These small poodles are very obedient and rapid learners. This makes them be the best option for first-time dog owners. They don’t have any gimmicks and special needs while raising them. But, what is important for the new dog owners is to start training as early as possible and you will be astonished at their behavior as they are well-behaved and quite loving dogs. Besides that, they are loves to show off some tricks regularly which get your attention as well as love.


White poodle with a tennis ball in its mouth running down a beach

The versatility of miniature poodles makes them quite adaptable to various lifestyles. They are loving and friendly, especially with kids. They love to go on walks and have fun with their owners and always want to improve their skills. They need regular exercises that can take a lot of time of owners. So, if one doesn’t have time for it, then you have to hire someone to take care of him which is an extra expense on your budget.

First-Year Expenses of Miniature Poodles

Miniature poodles are expensive due to several reasons. Hence, the owners need to make all the calculations before adopting one. This will help them to understand their expenses and control them in the coming years. Let’s discuss some major costs of having a miniature poodle as your pet.

Supplies Expenses

Dog supplies, such as a food bowl, leash, and toys on a marble countertop

Many owners don’t estimate the supplies and essentials of a dog before adoption. However, they can make a huge impact on the overall cost of miniature poodles. These supplies include food, water bowls, dog collars, leash, bed, crate, and several other things. On average, the cost of all these supplies goes around $410 (the range is between $185 and $790).

Medical Expenses

Man sitting at a table with his laptop,  looking at a bill and looking puzzled and confused.

The cost of first-year medication of your miniature poodle may vary depending upon the number of visits to the clinic. According to the licensed veterinarian named “Leslie Brooks”, the average first-year medical expenses for a miniature poodle should be around $590.

Procedures, like spay and gastropexy, can add another $250 and $350 to the medical bills of your poodle. But they are completely optional or only recommended when needed. The first-year vet cost ranges from $395 to $795.

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