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How Much Do Poodles Cost?

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The average cost of Poodles ranges from $600 to $2500. However, a poodle can cost $4000 or more due to the immense popularity of this breed. This price variation depends on several different factors, like breeders(location or reputation), type, and lineage of the puppy. Read on to know more about the initial price, as well as the maintenance (grooming, food, and health) cost of poodles.

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How Much Does a Purebred Poodle Cost?

These stylish, intelligent, and trustworthy dogs are bred from purebred breeders. They are typically bred for ‘show’ quality and their main goal is to win awards at dog shows. Purebred poodles are raised by feeding high-quality food and require the latest veterinary care. Hence, they can be more costly than other members of this breed.

According to an estimate, these pups are the most expensive type of poodles and cost $1500 or more. The size of your purebred poodle can also affect its cost. For instance, standard poodles (produce 6 puppies) are less expensive than miniature and teacup poodles (produce 2 to 3 puppies) due to their litter.

How Much Does a Miniature Poodle Cost?

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The average cost of a miniature poodle is between $1,000-2,000. The exact cost is very much dependent on the breeder and the breed’s location. The physical attributes of the dog also affect the cost.

Miniature poodles are considered to be loyal and bright. They have great learning abilities and can be trained easily. Hence, these poodles are a very popular choice for those people who want a well-behaved, reliable pet.

How Much Does a Teacup Poodle Cost?

These smallest-sized poodles are bred as companion dogs. In recent times, they gained a lot of popularity, especially among those owners who want a beautiful, tiny, and adorable poodle dog.

Due to their immense popularity, they can be more expensive than miniature and standard poodles. Generally, teacup poodles cost between $1,000 and $2,500 from a breeder. However, it can cost more than $5000 if the poodle is pocket-sized and has all the striking personality traits.

Maintenance Cost of Poodles

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The following are some details about the maintenance costs of keeping a poodle as a pet.

Food – The average cost of food is around $25 per month for your poodle. However, it may vary a little based on the food quality and size of your pooch.

Pet Insurance and Treatments –Insurance costs around $30 to $90 per month depending on the age of your canine. Similarly, regular treatments, like worming cost $10 to $15 for 3 months and you will need $5 per month for flea treatments.

Vaccinations – You can get your pooch vaccinated for free if you take them to specialized rabies. Otherwise, the average cost will be between $50 to $100.

Grooming – The cost of professional grooming may vary depending upon the type of poodle you own. However, most groomers charge $50-$70 per session (for poodles).

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