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7 Best Healthy Dog Treats for Small Dogs

Pomsky with head tilted looking at camera in nature setting

Dogs require a fixed and balanced eating schedule to stay healthy. However, they can get bored with their regular meals (just like humans) and may occasionally crave for dog treats. It is perfectly safe to feed your pup some scrumptious snacks on special occasions, provided that they are healthy. The following is a list of some of the best healthy dog treats that are available in the market.    

Jerky Sticks by Rocco & Roxie

Are you looking for a nutritious snack that is also healthy for your canine companion? These flavorful jerky sticks serve as an ideal dog treat is safe for dogs of all sizes. They are made from premium quality ingredients and the meat (chicken, beef, or turkey) is slow-roasted and naturally-smoked. Similarly, these dog treats don’t contain any allergenic fillers, like gluten, soy, and corn, and artificial ingredients.

The non-smelly and non-greasy recipe leave no residue on your hands while feeding these jerky sticks to your dog. This commercial product is also an incredible treat for training because these sticks can be easily broken into smaller pieces. Last but not least, this healthy dog treat comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

Natural Dog Biscuits by Old Mother Hubbard

Natural Dog Biscuits by Old Mother Hubbard product packaging

This is the perfect alternative for those dog parents who are seeking a cheap (yet healthy) dog treat. These all-natural biscuits are made with nutritionally-packed ingredients, such as oatmeal, peanut butter, apples, and carrots. Likewise, they are free from harmful ingredients and artificial preservatives to keep your dog safe and secure.

The scrumptious flavor and crunchy texture of these bone-shaped biscuits are preserved through oven-baking. They come in 3 different sizes (mini, small, and large) and are suitable for dogs of all ages (and sizes). Owing to their cost-effectiveness, this dog treat can also make an excellent snack for training purposes.

Grain-Free Treats for Puppies by Wellness

The nutritional needs of puppies are different than those of adult dogs because they are growing. The special formula of these soft treats contains all the essential nutrients that your pup needs. The use of Lamb and Salmon gives you a hypoallergenic protein source that is extremely beneficial for your pet.

Similarly, EPA and ALA richness are excellent for the immunity and healthy skin (and coat) of your dog. The effectiveness of these healthy treats is greatly enhanced by the presence of superfoods, like sweet potatoes, carrots, and blueberries.

These grain-free treats have no corn, soy, artificial flavors, or colors that may affect your puppy. They are packed in puppy-sized bits so that you don’t need to break them before serving. This will also ensure that you feed even portion every time.   

Chewy Dog Treats by Milk-Bone

Even though they are very soft and chewy, these dog treats are not made from milk. Instead, the main ingredient of this commercial product is premium quality chicken, which is a hypoallergenic source of protein.

Due to the calculated balance of nutrients, these dog chews are often regarded as ‘diabetic dog treats’. They contain a maximum of 2.5% crude fiber and free from any artificial preservatives and flavors.

Similarly, these chewy dog treats are packed with 12 minerals and vitamins that are crucial for a dog’s health. In addition to a healthy metabolism, they also ensure the optimal functioning of various body organs. These easy-to-feed biscuits are recommended for dogs of all sizes.

Training Treats for Dogs by Natural Balance

Need a motivating partner to assist you in training your dog? These mini-rewards dog treats are one of the best alternatives that you can purchase. The chewy texture and meaty flavor make them an irresistible commodity for canines of any age. Likewise, they are completely safe for all dog breeds (small, medium, and large).

The good thing about these training treats is that they have less than 5 calories per treat. This allows a dog parent to feed a few of them to his/her pup without overloading. This wonderful product comes in 3 different flavors (chicken, duck, and lamb) and you can choose according to your pet’s preference. Irrespective of the flavor you choose, these training treats are always free from unhealthy fillers and artificial colors.

Healthy Dog Treats by InMotion

This probiotic formula yields one of the healthiest dog treats that you can ever find for your dog. The probiotic organisms keep the tummy healthy and provide a boost to the immune system of your pet. InMotion has used 6 strains of probiotic bacteria in this product and each of them has 5 billion CFU.  

These jerky treats are prepared by using low-fat chicken and all-natural sweet potatoes. The presence of powerful antioxidants in these ingredients results in many health benefits. For instance, they are useful against digestive disorders and help in maintaining a healthy vision. Although they can be a little expensive, these healthy treats come with a 100% money-back guarantee.    

Dental Dog Treats by Greenies

Do you want to support the oral health of your pup? These natural dog chews are perfect for this role as they are recognized by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). Their formula is made from different soluble components and is designed to fight plaque and tartar. Other than freshening your dog’s breath, these dog treats are also beneficial for his/her joint health.

The use of all-natural ingredients makes these dental treats easy to digest. They have an abundant supply of vitamins and minerals that provide several health benefits. For example, they support the teeth and jaw development of your dog due to Calcium. Lastly, these dog chews are totally free from gluten and have no corn, wheat, or soy.

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